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I thought to rejoin Netflix for the winter or perhaps restart Cinema Paradiso. I do not have or want a tv licence. I have Amazon Prime but might well unsubscribe.
Netflix banding seems to run to two streams suitable for my 77 inch oled.
What does Standard HD offer would it be good enough for my screen or would I need Ultra? Ultra seems to offer more Add ons than I need.
I lost heart with Paradiso during the pandemic and cancelled. Not their fault but lack of blu rays and no credits was a difficult situation for all.
Now £19.99 for 2 discs at a time. Is the turnaround fast enough to squeeze at least 6 discs per month? I prefer the disc and the extra bits and pieces that are included.
Any thoughts appreciated.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but if you watch any live programmes on Netflix then you need to have a bbc tv licence. The same applies to other streaming on demand services such as amazon prime.
For example, if you watch tennis live on Amazon prime, you need a tv licence.

Fully aware.
I am only interested in blu rays and some streamed tv series.

Chilli John Carne on YouTube is the master of what you can and cannot watch on a tv without a license and how to ignore the threatening correspondence and visitors.

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I do Netflix HD (not 4k Ultra) despite having a 4K TV.

I think it’s fine but you can always try Ultra for a month, then HD and see how you feel. That won’t break the bank.

Audio streams are the same.


We get 2 discs from Cinema Paradiso each month. Exemplary service and decent choice.

We still like to sit down with the occasional movie in disc. Not great watchers in TV, and we have only a Netflix subscription otherwise.


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I was going to post about all the imminent streaming service price rises which are making me want to cancel a few but my daughter/Mrs AC watch far too much on Netflix/Disney for me to get away with cancelling.

I’ve had UK Netflix since it launched and used to enjoy it but find a lot of the newer content doesn’t really appeal these days or I watch a few episodes, get bored and don’t finish a season.

I have the ‘4 seat’ 4k subscription, but it dawned on me that I watch most Netflix via a 1080p projector, it looks great, would likely be better on a 4k projector but have wondered if I’d get away with the 1080p package as I assume that’s what my AppleTV feeds it, though ‘2 seats’ might not work as we could potentially be watching 4 separate things at home.

The beauty I suppose with most of these services is that you can change your plan each month or cancel if you want to, so it might be worth you comparing the standard 1080p HD offering vs 4k another month, I assume the OLED TV is 4k.

I used to buy loads of BluRay/4k BluRay but haven’t for ages, the quality is definitely better but the differences seem increasingly marginal video wise compared to streaming. Netflix in fairness was always streets ahead quality wise early on with their video streams even at low bitrates, but other services have really caught up.

Forgot to mention and you probably know, but Netflix allows you to specify data usage for the streams for each user profile under Playback Settings for profiles listed in the account settings:

I only mention in case you might have set lower data rates at some stage in the past as if comparing HD to Ultra HD you’d not want to be comparing with throttled bitrates.

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For that size of screen I’d want the 4k option. I realise that some material is going to be HD only but your TV should hopefully upscale to and be of decent quality.

I resubscribed to Netflix Ultra for exactly one day. I tried a series and it was so full of identity politics. I cancelled and demanded (and received) a refund for the lone month I paid.
I want to be entertained when I watch a series or movie, not messaged to in an overtly political manner.

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There’s loads on Netflix, if you don’t like something just move onto something else. :thinking:

It was your choice. You can hardly blame Netflix.

I fail to see any relationship between Netflix Utra and Politics! It’s up to you to select what to watch.

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