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I’m Watching Stranger Things 3 on Netflix Premium and the 80s music sounds so much better through the optical out of the tv into the NAC 272 than the same music direct from Tidal on my NAC 272… has anybody else experienced this?

The eq and overall mix will be completely different for the actual programme on Netflix compared to the music only version on Tidal. Also heavily compressed on Netflix. Not sure you can compare them as they are not Apples for Apples ones mixed for AV systems and surround the other and one for Audio and is likely how it should sound.

I once tried YouTube Music Premium :nauseated_face:

Oh dear. What ever pocessed you?

Makes sense the EQ does sound completely different but I believe the quality of Netflix Premium is uncompressed (there have been recent improvements in the sound quality)

I’ve got Netflix Premium to but never tried it with the Nova, oh side note if anyone has Sky, Q even better then on offer £3 a month for Netflix Premium if have HD and all boxed sets.

Netflix premium for audio is adaptive containing compressed lossy formats of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus/Atmos, AAC and Ogg Vorbis.

No streaming video service is uncompressed. They upped the data rates recently and there is support for Dolby Atmos but that’s it.

Have you checked what format the Tidal stream is? When you pay for Tidal lossless, you don’t always get it, as some material is only available in a lossy format, usually AAC. Also, it’s possible for your Tidal settings to be set to a lossy format (e. g. after an app update) even if you have a lossless sub.
This may not explain your issue, but something to be aware of. Tidal seem to be very happy to charge you double for a lossless ‘hifi’ sub, while sending you a lossy stream.

We’re easily swayed where audio and video conjoin.

An episode of Better Call Saul [Breaking Bad spin off, superb…] had Mike the fixer spying on and breaking into a house, with a fantastic bit of music going on in the background. Out of the Fire box into an ND5XS it sounded superb.

The same track straight of Tidal pulls me into a different level. It might be the same audio track, but at this time of night on Tidal it’s different again from the Netflix that I first heard it.

Chris Joss - Tune Down. It’s great as a scene setting bit of music. Standalone it’s superb.


I find the sound on Netflix is just okay - certainly better than Hulu. Nothing like the real deal and I watched ST season 3 too. I also think the impact of what is on the screen affects your perception. In my case, because ST has so many plot holes piling up so far you cannot keep count, the 80’s nostalgia is all that’s left.

And of course there is the simple fact that they play with the recording levels in soundtracks to give more impact here and there so it sounds artificially “shiny” for lack of a better word.

Anyways, it was a nice distraction if ultimately overrated. Certainly not the audio-visual masterpiece Dark is.

Agree Dark is in another league, especially if you stick with the original German dialogue and subtitles. Need to watch season 2 now its available.

We watch a lot of Netflix. The only constant is the variation in sound quality… Watched Mission Impossible Free Fall on iTunes though and the sound was fantastic.

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