Netgear router setup, for ND5XS,

I have a Netgear Nighthawk router connected to my ND5 XS via wi-fi for qobuz on the upnp input. I am using wi-fi as my broadband isn’t fast enough for high Res music so don’t use wired connection, my problem is after about one hour the signal drops out and the album changes tracks then drops out every few minutes. On my tablet using Bubble and mconnect HD apps., What settings on my router do I need to change and to what values? Can anyone please help me as I’m starting to lose patience. Thanks.

The ND5 XS has quite poor WiFi connectivity so you will only solve this by using an Ethernet cable to connect the ND5 XS back to the router. It doesn’t matter what your external broadband is like, for these old Naim units having a wired connection is almost essential.



Hi, your broadband speed is the line speed coming into your house and will be the same regardless of whether you use WiFi or an Ethernet cable to the streamer. As David says, WiFi performance is not great on the older generation Naim streamers, so a wired connection is the first thing I would try.

If your broadband speed is very slow that might also be an issue, but try a cable first.

Unless the OP means 4G rather than WiFi…?

The nighthawk router’s WiFi can be increased to 600Mbs for 2.4 GHz and 2400Mbs for 5GHz,my broadband speed is 34Mbs. I know Naim use Netgear equipment as they recommended them to me, please post solutions thank you.

You are totally misunderstanding what the router does. You don’t need to do anything to it. It doesn’t need adjusting.

The ND5 XS doesn’t work well with WiFi, however you set it up. You should use a cable instead of WiFi, as I said before.



As others have said, connect a cable from your router to your streamer and it will work happily. The wifi performance is ultimately limited by the streamer so you can set the router to be faster but it won’t make any difference.

You are confusing potential wifi performance of the router with your incoming broadband, then add the performance of the network adaptor(s), they have little to do with incoming broadband ‘speed’ (speed is a misnomer, b/s (bits per second) is volume capacity.
34Mbs is a very good broadband performance for high res streaming, If I remember right 5Mbs worked OK for me back in the day.

As has been said before, ND5 (& my NDX) is not the best with wireless, its OK but it still a variable depending on distances, internal walls & many other factors, ethernet cable is by far the best solution.

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