Network acoustic tempus

New expensive switch, designed and made in UK. The why I post.
3,2 k.

Connectivity: 12 ultra low noise outputs: six universal Gigabit and two 100 Mb/s RJ45 ports, four SFP ports (for use with future Network Acoustics products).

Multi-stage noise-rejection power filtering: Network Acoustics have developed a system of noise rejecting DC filtering which is integrated across both the Switch and its separate power supply.

Huge switching/processing capacity which runs at low-stress, ‘tick-over’ speeds enabling noise free and accurate data flow, even in bandwidth intensive scenarios.

Precision clocking capable of simultaneously delivering perfectly accurate signals to all the devices in your entertainment home network.

Flexible connectivity without compromise: bucking the trend in audiophile Switches many of which have a miserly number of ports, Network Acoustics’ unique design allows the user to connect and optimise all the devices in their home entertainment system, for zero compromise in performance.

Shielded enclosure engineered from a single billet of aluminium to act as a final layer of noise rejection.

tempus – Hybrid Power Supply

After months spent testing the ‘best’ available battery, linear and switched-mode power supplies, Network Acoustics concluded that the only way to realise the performance they wanted for tempus, was to create something new, a power supply designed specifically for a network switch.

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Ah, the sound of bandwagons being jumped upon. There are clearly plenty of wealthy audiophiles ripe for the plucking.

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I’m sure plenty of people will buy one of these and then say “but I HEARD the improvement with my own ears!” And of course, making the enclosure “engineered from a single billet of aluminum”, has a huge effect.

Strange nobody says “but I HEARD the improvement with xxx’s ears!” Where xxx is someone else (e.g. salesperson or proclaimed tweak expert or hifi journalist etc…)

Ripe for plucking? I learn a new expression. Google says: ready to be taken, bought…. You mean that?
Or audiophiles will be easily soaked , fleeced …? ( être plumé in french). I bet it’s the later. :grin:

Be pleased, guys, to turn the product into ridiculous. Be my guests :hugs:
I will not change my actual switch for sure. So I don’t bother.
Maybe @garyi will rush into a shop to buy one, even running.

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I reckon @garyi is behind the whole thing :grin:

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They aren’t spending my money so it’s fine.

If you think it’s ridiculous, remember that everyone else thinks we’re ridiculous.


Well the importance of a switch in an audio oriented network environment might be easily overseen. In the meantime there is a bunch of established players providing switches in many price ranges. I am sure some have heard or already tried out the UpTone EtherRegen which is a great price/performance ratio.
Network Acoustics is having excellent products in their new MUON series. Especially the MUON Pro streaming system, made a considerable improvement to my setup also.

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Just arrived: Wow impressive own power supply. And build quality is excellent. Eager to hear how this one performs vs some established switches.


Well done :+1:
Very curious on your impressions now !
What switch had you previously ?


Thank you!!
I had a few like Bonn N8 or UpTone EtherRegen with Farad Super3 (with Furutech and SR Purple upgrade and Level 2 copper/silver DC cable as well Audioquest Monsoon power cord) - but this was developed to be up with the very best so really excited to hear and demo vs currently top gear around.

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There is also a review of the Tempus at the-ear

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