Network problems with ND5XS2 and NAS drive

Hi everyone on friday night,

I want to share some insights I have on network problems with Naim streamers. First off I have had over the years problems on and off with the NDS streamer. I put it down to being first generation. And so I went on and bought an ND5XS2 to use the NDS as DAC only. It enables me to use Qobuz as well.

So within a few weeks of owning the ND5XS2 I started having problems with connectivity to everything. I was constantly resetting the ND5XS2 and router. The ND5XS2 was going direct to router as I did with the NDS before as I had problems with feeding it into the Cisco switch.

Anyway the NAS was still connected to the switch. So I have now got that directly into the router and hey presto everything works like a dream again. Everything is instant once more.

So, the Cisco switch is still on the network but has the TV, BluRay Player, Sky box and AV amp connected to it. It’s ironic as I bought the Cisco for the Naim stuff and NAS.

I am not a networking expert at all but it seems to be Naim streamers and now the NAS drive are super sensitive to network issues.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

Also with bow a short run to the router I don’t beed long cables from the ND5XS2 and NAS drive to the router.

Is it worth getting expensive ethernet cables such as Audioquest Vodka from ND5XS2 to router or is this overkill?

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So the cisco was the culprit then? To switch or not to switch is a big topic :slight_smile: I’m super happy with what my EE8 + Farad3 LPS have contributed with in my system. You can also start super cheap and good with a Netgear GS105E/GS108E too and up the power supply to minimum iPowerX. And yes, the last step of ethernet cable is very important from my experience.


This is definitely overkill and I don’t think that’s the cause of your problems. I purchased a two month old ND5XS2 recently, which I’m currently using it in the bedroom. As I don’t have Ethernet in the bedroom I’m using it on WiFi with the aerials supplied, so no wired connection. Without wishing to tempt fate, it’s solid as a rock with internet radio, Qobuz and music from my Core. So long as you have a robust WiFi signal, you could try this. If you were just using the NDS for its DAC, would you even need to connect the NDS to the network? The network connection only needs to be fed to the ND5XS2, surely, and that could be over WiFi.


I’ve never had any network problems with my NDS and owned it since first released. What sort of problems were you experiencing that required you to reset all the time?

My thinking is get everything up and running well and to see how it goes. If I get the further network problems then take the Cisco switch out completely and run the other devices into the router or Wifi as they are not important.

If there are no further problems after this, should I consider a better switch or just run direct to router?

And then these cables get expensive such as Audioquest Vodka. Are they worth it. I have 4 powerlines and DC1 cable which were all expensive, but worth it. Is a £500 ethernet cable worth it as well?

Obviously this a subject widely covered on forum. I have read the posts.

Nothing worked. No NAS drive connectivity. No Tidal. Then when NAS worked took hours to load up. Glitchy and temperamental.

That’s how I would do it too :slight_smile: And yes, a good switch and ethernet cable will be beneficial with your system. I’m sure you can borrow an EE8 somewhere for a trial period when time comes :+1: Lots to read on this forum related to all such.


Everything is now working perfectly since I took it off the switch.

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Well, you could invest in a new switch, but if it works I’d be inclined to leave as is. FWIW I only use the EE8 as a kind of in-line filter.

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Chord just released the EE1. Maybe something to evaluate too :blush:

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I’m gonna leave it a while as it’s all working well. Seems pointless to add something and then it makes things worse. Thinking of having shorter cables made up as I have 7 metre cables now for a 1 metre run as I have stopped using switch. That’s why I was interested in high quality ethernet cables at short lengths such as 0.75 metres to 1. 5 metres.

Is it worth having a high quality one on ND5XS2 and then cheaper one on NAS?

BJC Ethernet cables get lots of praise on this forum. High value Ethernet cables. But as with everything hifi there are many ways to find audio nirvana :wink:

Faulty or badly configured switch if it is a managed one.

I don’t have network understanding to configure a switch. I am after a low maintenance solution.

What is the type number of the cisco with you took out of the network?

2960 switch.

I have all BJC. They are very long. Looking at ordering shorter ones to tidy up cabling. I have 7 metre cables where I only need 1 metre.

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You can spent over £5000 on one ethernet cable. £500 on audioquest vodka. Does EE switches really make a difference?