Networking mystery (for me, anyway)

My Vortexbox has been replaced by a sonicTransporter with a built-in 2 TB SSD drive. I have installed LMS on it, and both Squeezebox Touch units I have were easily configured to direct to the new directory on the new machine. I can play anything I want on them; via wifi connection.

The VB was connected via Cat-6 cable to the 272 (through the router), and I simply replaced it in kind with the new unit, but it does not see the server.

What might I be doing wrong? This network crap always gets me a bit flummoxed, but the fact that I was able to get the SBT units playing leaves me wondering what I am missing.

Deferring to the techie brains here hoping for a solution.

Did you enable the UPNP server option in LMS! It won’t act as one unless you enable it. The 272 will only see UPnP servers.

Thanks, CG - trying to figure out how to do that now.

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