New 300 vs existing kit

Don’t want to hi-jack the 300 thread but just been into dealer to collect a sub to try. They had a full 300 set up with Proacs. Listening for 15 minutes (not ideal) I was pleased that when I came home and listened to my kit I could not find any discernible difference. I’m sure there are subtleties I could have discerned but my trusty 252 NDX and 250 DR delivered the fantastic sound that they always have and didn’t encourage me to call in to see the bank manager and borrow what I suppose would be around 40 grand. Paley


If you’re happy with your system, leave it be. I’m sure the new 500 system will be something amazing but I’m so happy with mine that I have no urge to upgrade. In fact I honestly think as far as electronics go, I’m done.

If I ever move to a different house and end up with a larger listening room, I might scratch the itch of the DBLs.


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