New 500 Amp ... AI

I was working today and got side tracked and asked AI to create the New 500 series of amps… here what the future “apparently” will look like :P.


…it has a problem with the logo as well :).

Artificial Idiocracy

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Quite like the looks - but not for Naim - if that makes sense?

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Ooooh… AI seems not aware of the new white Naim logo. I for intelligence ?

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I like the look of them. Maybe the non Naim logo is a deliberated choice to not go against forum rules ?


Should the designers at Naim be concerned about what AI can achieve?

It took it less than 10 seconds to render these :P. If you run it for a while it comes up with some amazing concepts… and some very strange ones! It quite useful for concepts - that is before it evolves and destroys us all lol :P.

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