New activity no longer showing on iOS DiscourseHub app

I use the DiscourseHub app on iOS to browse the forum and it always showed general New activity but also when tracked threads got replies in the main overview.

It used to show up where the red arrow points to:

For a while now the latter is now longer being shown. I pretty much have to go into a thread and scroll all the way down to see if tracked threads had new replies.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or know if this can be fixed with some setting somewhere?

Yep noticed it a couple of days ago, however I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep over it.

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So its an app update then. Thanks.

Was a nice way for me to find new activity related to my own.

Yes, a little frustrating and I think it was after an app update. It’s the same on all my devices (iOS)

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Hope they put it back. Went looking to see if there is a setting somewhere but have not found anything.

At least now I can stop messing around with it as everyone has it LOL