New Bjork album just announced


Hopefully a teaser / single will be available soon.
September 30th.


I’m violently happy to hear this.

Moi aussi!

Hopefully a return to her earlier style with some decent tunes; not enjoyed much since Vespertine.


Can’t wait to hear it either, especially after her quite tedious album Utopia, which i try to give a chance once a year but which gets on my nerves very quickly.

Saw her live couple of months ago and it recreated some of the hype i used feel when i was a student back in the days of Homogenic :slight_smile:

By the way there is also a podcast series starting today which will feature an in depth discussion of each of her albums.

Interestingly, I’ve always felt the same.

I have always thought [since Sugarcubes actually] that her new material misses the mark. The funny thing is that after a while I don’t remember why. So I look forward to hating this new album for a time and then suddenly become addicted. Björk is my musical broccoli.

Time to check your Hifi’s ability with sub bass!

Don’t know when it’s coming to streaming qobuz etc