New Bruce Springsteen LP

Perfectly put young man, he doesn’t have impress or prove anything to anyone.

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I’m afraid he has to impress me if I’m going to listen.

That’s the whole point you don’t have to, it’s not compulsory. Don’t think he’ll lose any sleep and nor will you.

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What’s the albumn called people?

Only the Strong Survive, it’s an album of soul covers

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It’s pretty good I’ve seen/heard all tracks on YouTube

Very honest , down to earth , love it , I’m going to purchase on CD. Vinyl I see is circa $68 - bugger that


It’s a fine stream from Qobuz in hi res and I’ve downloaded to play in car or out walking.

It’s not my thing. I won’t buy it. I have most of the soul originals.

By the same token, I have zero problem with it either. I’m sure it is a superb offering from the Boss.

For me, Springsteen’s greatest talent is as a poet. His own words always surpass those he can borrow. His recent original material has shown his skills as a bard are not at all diminished and I look forward to his next outing with his own material.


You won’t be disappointed with cd Bevo. Good sq and nicely packaged.

Does anybody else think he sounds like Jeff Bridges?

Mike try Vinyl Exchange manchester. the staff are friendly. i have bought great box
sets from them. jazz at the philharmonic. rolling stones singles. fats domino.
also a lot of sonny rollins. coltrane. etc.

it is a pity he did not do a studio version of Jersey girl. a great song.

Yes I agree Brian never happened great pity that one


Detroit Melody. he also should do a studio version.
The live issues are poor recordings.

Yep another one

He has a 5 album set of unreleased albums post 1988 being readied for possible release next year.

Has anyone ripped the CD version? I had to edit all the tracks, artist and album name as it all came up in Japanese. European CD release, not a hint of anything Japanese on printed material.

I would be tempted to send it back and complain, obviously a mistake at the plant making them.

Easy enough to edit so not worth returning, just a bit strange…