New CD Player?

I also like the fact that it has a USB port.

I compared the Cdx2 / XPS 2 vs the solid state Rega Isis, maybe 15 years ago. I preferred a bit the Naim, as I find the prat a bit better. Both were on the same level for my ears. It was on a 252/300 system, and some Proac speakers.
I read the Jeff Dorgay review, when he compares his CD555 vs the Isis.
He found the Isis quicker on transients. It surprises me.
Not compared both personally , but the CD555 is a Cdx2 / xps on steroids. So would imagine it clearly and easily superior, on all criterias.


I would dearly love to buy a CD555, if they were still making them.


Well you still CAN buy a CD555/555PS combo for around 10k UKP, which is a pretty good savings over what they would cost new today-if they were still made (I estimate maybe 25-30k UKP).

Of course nobody in their right business mind would make and attempt to sell a CD-only player at that price point, since it plays only red-book CDs and has no digital inputs or outputs. It’s basically a one-trick pony.

And unlike other Naim CDP, there are existing stock of replacement transports for the CD555, so they remain serviceable, and will for some time to come.

Of course

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Do you mean replacement laser mechanism rather than transport?

I would go for CD555 over an Isis. They come up quite a bit on eBay.

Maybe we can have some input from @NeilS on continuing support available for service and availability of laser mechs for CD555.

Many thanks.


The CDS3 is a step up from the CDX2. I have had a CDS3 and am now on my second CDS2. My preference is CDS2. Lovely CD player, difficult to beat in many ways. But unless you buy and fit a third party laser mech and get someone else to repair it, it can’t be fixed by Naim. I have NDS as well as CDS2. So I will either sell the CDS2 or use it until it dies and then maybe try to get someone else to fix it.


I checked with the head office: they said they couldn’t guarantee they would service them.

Although I turned my back on CD a few years ago to go FLAC streaming to NDX via Synology NAS drive the best CD player I ever owned was the Roksan Caspian M2 CD.

It won many awards for many years usually in the “Best CD player >£1,500” category and it was easy to see why. They are still around and priced very attractively on the pre-loved market. Well worth a listen if you get the chance.


Indeed Waat hifi does, always

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Expensive doorstop eh ! :scream:

At least with Rega you will get that guarantee. Luxman high end CD players are meant to be good or Esoteric. Depends if you like Japanese electronics. Both are extremely well built and look wonderful.

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Which begs the question “why read reviews then?”

Interesting. The CD555 is, at present, fully repair/serviceable. :face_with_monocle:



The two positions may not be mutually exclusive. Although units can be serviced now can they be serviced in two, five or ten years? If you are spending £10k on a cd555 I think you would want at least ten years of serviceability.

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Afraid I’m not in a position to answer that question - beyond my control!


You can buy a CD555 without power supply for £4650 and buy a CD555PS for £2500. Or a CD555PSDR for £4000. The 555PS can always be used with a streamer.

I don’t think that £4650 is too bad tbh. Maybe I will get one!

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Cheaper than buying Klimax Radikal 2 for my LP12 anyway!

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If i had cd555 money to spend on a CD player then i certainly wouldn’t be looking at the cd555 these day’s.
It’s far to old, and doesn’t have digital out for starters. Plus for a fraction off the price you could get another CD player that will match it, even back in the day, the reviews on the cd555 said, only marginal differences.


It very much sounds like you are referring to Art Dudley’s review of the CD555 in Stereophile?

Probably fairer to quote from his conclusion;

That said, the CD555 was the best solid-state CD playback that I’ve heard and while the differences between it and a far less expensive CD player seemed minimal in the short run, I imagine that a music lover with a big collection of CDs and a bank account to match will find his long term listening pleasure intensified to a degree that would make such a purchase well worth the investment.

Edit: Apologies to the late Art Dudley, as has been pointed out further down the thread, it was in fact Michael Fremer’s review in Stereophile.