New CD Player?

Would the Rega Isis Valve CD Player be a good match for my 282/250DR?

Well it’s black so that’s a start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, although it has a red light, rather than a green.


It’s meant to be really good and Rega keeps 2 additional laser mechanisms at factory in case of failure. Should be good but it’s very pricey.


The Isis does have some good reviews and the future support is great due to the extra mechanisms Rega have in storage. I have not personally heard this player but I would guess the valve version would have a smoother sound to the other version. I understand that the valve model sells less than its sibling, I suspect the need to change these at some point puts some off, the price of the Isis does put some off and sells are therefore not huge.


It’s a niche product hence selling in low numbers. Looks very well built and I believe if you are prepared to spend the money will be excellent.

If CD is going to be your main source and you will play it alot I think it could be a good buy. There’s nothing wrong with spending north of £8000 on a source if you want it.


If I had the resources this would be on my short list. Very compatible with Naim amps and Rega supports their products.


I would love to hear one, interesting to hear what you think if you have a demo.



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Be careful not to assume the Isis Valve is better than the Isis SS , it is just different and system and personal preference related.

Having compared the valve version with my ss version i came to the conclusion they were very similar tonally and in dynamics and openness. You couldn’t say there was a ‘valve’ sound.

Where the difference lies is with the sound presentation. Broadly speaking with the valve Isis it was like listening from the middle of a theatre. With the ss Isis its like being on the front row. I stuck with my ss Isis.


I’ll let you know.

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I’ve had the Isis ss, its a lovely player - never heard the valve edition.
It replaced my Naim CD players due to the door stop scenario with these.

Isis is bullet proof build and supported, but expensive.
Personally I wouldn’t bother with the valve edition, the ss is fit and forget, valves need to be replaced at some point.


Anyone compared Isis with CD555??

How often do they need to be changed?

Based on my own experience with Rega electronics I would say that it is worth exploring - at the very least.

Rega still do CD players of the seriously priced and quality variety , Naim don’t .


Depends on the design and the valves used I think. Not sure about the rega, some valve gear state figures in the 1000s of hours. My Dac has valves in the output stage and estimate a 10-20 year lifespan!

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The American reviewer, Jeff Dorgay, compared the Isis to his personally owned cd555 (and a top Wadia). If you type in Rega Isis review and Jeff Dorgay you can see the review which I guess was done around 2010.

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For your information Jason Kennedy reviews the valve Isis but also compares it to the ss version. He outlines their respective merits.

Thank you. I have read his review and found it encouraging. What Hifi found is not a great match with non-Rega amplification. Rega Isis review | What Hi-Fi?.

Well Paul Messenger found it was a great combination with his Naim 500 amps. Review on TechRadar.

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Yes, I noticed that. We all hear things differently, of course.