New CD Ripping Option

Hello to all out there.

I’m looking to replace my old Dell Optiplex PC (which has died) with a cost conscious replacement setup but I’m not to sure where to go?

Should I just buy another PC or laptop? Obviously the replacement machine would have to be able to Rip CD’s. I’m not up to speed on the latest tech so any advice given would be gratefully received.

Many thanks…

Laptops don’t come with cd slots anymore, so perhaps get a cheapish laptop and a good USB cd drive.

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If you have a computer with no CD drive, which is increasingly common these days, I would just add a USB drive and use that. No need for a dedicated computer.

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I’ve used a Dell with a separate USB connected DVD drive since 2014 when I first started.
As I needed to rip the whole CD collection, with time pressure to get it done, I also used an old noisy Sampson desktop drive that ripped at x64, so much faster than the little Dell thingy.
I use dBpoweramp software, most are ripped to AccurateRip, some to Ultra Secure, I cannot detect any SQ differences.

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Thanks Guys; I’ve just been on a well known site and I can get a cheap Dell Optiplex for under £115:00 with a DVD drive fitted. Win 10 Pro ,Sounds like decent deal.

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I use a USB CD drive. Once setup for Accuraterip with DBPowerAmp it works perfectly.

It wasn’t very expensive at all, I just googled for drives which were compatible with Accuraterip and picked most solid looking one at price point.

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