New Chord (Dave) Mscaler and Ultima Dac

I am looking at an mscaler to add to my Dave but saw an interview with Rob Watts mentioning a new mscaler in the Choral range (matching Dave) with significantly greater tap numbers and performance, due this year. He also mentioned an Ultima dac due in 2024. Rob Watts of Chord Electronics on the Mojo 2, Mscaler for DAVE, and the Ultima DAC - YouTube

Does anyone have any further information?

I would imagine they will announce at the hifi show in Munich this weekend

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I watched a recent interview with Rob, from memory he said end of the year for the Choral Mscaler, haven’t heard anything further.

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I wonder if the supposed RF issues have been resolved or will we still “need” £1000 of ferrited cables to make it sound right?


£1000 you got a bargain :rofl: I guess the official line will be, what RF issues ?

Just for full disclosure I do not own an M-scaler or said cables :wink:

I would be surprised if they do not announce a streamer of some sort.

Competition for Munich there!

Freudian slip and duly changed

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