New classic 250s Active

It will be interesting to get your thoughts after today’s visit.

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Will do……@nigelb from these parts is joining me.


Two of my favourite forum dudes (apart from that Aussie duo in the cafe). Have fun.


Excellent, it will be interesting to read about both your thoughts including what you hear differently to each other. Enjoy the day :sunglasses:

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Any reports/feedback yet?


I suppose given the balanced inputs on the New Classic 250 (and future amps) there’s nothing stopping you running a Linn source / Exaktbox with a brace of 250s for active operation ?


Just curious @Cymbiosis - have you been able to try the NC250 in active configuration?

Acoustica have. A search on Google will get an interesting review of NC250s driving Kudos 808.


Just read the review. Interesting, as you say.

Money quote:

While I certainly won’t go as far as saying the new NAP250 outguns a Nap500, it is a deeply impressive amp and three of them active with Titan 808s does. Whether that was the intention of Kudos or just the fact that an active crossover doesn’t suck out a decent proportion of power from even very powerful amps, I don’t know. But I do know that if I owed 808’s I would absolutely have them active.

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