New classic 250s Active

How would 3 x new classic 250s sound active vs 1 x 500 with Titan 808s (if you can find a crossover of course)? Will the new 300PS fit a S-NAXO (or the new Kudos crossover I saw rumoured on another thread)?

Any thoughts? Too soon to have heard such a dem I’m sure…


I plan to do the same test, albeit with Olive 250s at the end of March.
I certainly preferred 3x250 to a single 300 when I compared them at the time on NBLs.
I know things have moved on since I bought my NBLs but with the newer tech and 808s, it’s something I’ll be interested in hearing.
I’ve only heard 808s with a 300 and then a 500.
It was only when Statement was brought into play that the sound really came alive!
I am looking forward to hearing them with active 250s for sure!


That’s a near impossible question for anyone to answer, at this point in time. It maybe many months - if ever - that anyone tries this particular combination… :expressionless:

Being realistic here…

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I will ask my dealer about the crossover on wednesday.

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Ian, true but fun (to some) speculating! I wonder if such a combo has a sniff vs a 500, as I used to have 4x135s/SNAXO/Supercap & that wasn’t as ‘good’ as one 500. The hope would be that the advances in the new 250 + being active will be an upgrade on a 500 at a reasonable (for Naim) price vs a Statement Power (or 3x500s/Crossover/PS, which isn’t far short with more Fraim/upgraded cables)…


I share your opinion about my experience with three 250 Olive on Linn Isobarik DMS/PMS.
The DMS played well with my pair of nap 135 Olive, 2x250 passive on external DMS crossover, clearly dominated nap 135, with 3x250 it’s even much better; I also witnessed a comparison of 135 against the first nap 500, the 500 was far superior I listened to a friend’s nap 300, compared to 2x135 on Sonus Faber Olympica 3, the capacity of the amps is quite close with a slightly different presentation.
I would now be curious to hear my 3xnap250 against a nap 500, in my opinion the 250 probably doesn’t surpass the 500 I heard, from my memories and impressions the resulting set is approaching the same class.

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@NB60 Snaxo cannot be powered by new NPX-300. I asked similar question on the New Classic thread and received the confirmation from Steve Sells: here.

I’m also awaiting confirmation on whether new 250 can operate with a Snaxo at all.

Based on the NC to Classic Naim Custom cables it should be possible purely from a connection perspective . The issue will be potential instabilty in the Snaxo. The only way would be to try but as that would involve 3 NC250s and six custom cables at £259 each it might be a while before someone attempts it. I for one would be very interested in the results.


Maybe they’ll release a new AXO with balanced XLR connectors… however that doesn’t fit with the apparent declaration of ending support for active systems, the subject of another thread. There are of course other AXOs out there, including user-tailorable ones, at least some of which have balanced XLR connections enabling the six cables to the new NAP250s to be standard XLR-XLR, for which decent cables are not that expensive.

That sort of experience (NAP500vs active NAP250’s) has been reported on here, many times. So - albeit its not my experience - I could have answered your question by saying -

‘The NAP500 will be better. No question.’

But that’s not what I do. As I do not have experience of this sort of comparison.
And we (this Forum) have (almost) no data for the NAP250NC.

I believe the report was of Naim discontinuing the SNAXO.
I didn’t read it as “No Active, Ever”. But YMMV… :slightly_smiling_face:

I have heard the same no more SNAXO

But maybe… (S)NAXO NC… :grinning:

I have a neighbor whose cousin’s wife’s younger brother tried that combo, didn’t work at all…:sunglasses::innocent:

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A Naim dealer told me he was going to try this combo, not sure when, so hopefully he knows that it is possible. Will be interested in the results…

I was referring to the thread Naim Discontinue Active Systems..?, which commenced Seen a report attributed to @Cymbiosis - Peter Swain (on the Naim FaceBook page …?) that Naim are discontinuing all active systems…? But yes, that was discontinuing not no longer going to support, and indeed I speculated a little in that thread. - so in my last post I incorrectly said they were reportedly”ending support”. Thanks for correcting - unfortunately I cannot go back and amend that now.

I have 3 on order for demo. Other retailers might have too! No more SNAXO 242 or 362.
New Naim SNAXO? Personally I doubt it. :frowning:
3 x new classic 250s against a 500? It will be interesting and of course you can start passive with 1 x 250 first and some loudspeakers allow for active or Bi-amping with 2 x 250 too! Yes some loudspeakers will use 3 x amplifiers to go active :slight_smile: Hopefully this answers the question without running foul of moderation :crossed_fingers: KR. Peter


Would be interested in your findings going active with new 250 @Cymbiosis and if there are any issues with the Snaxo driving.

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Do you have a loyalty card at Signals Gazza? If you buy them 3 Statements they offer the fourth. What I heard recently . :laughing:

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I wish………though i am sure i would get a good deal. They are putting the new kit 222/250 and 300 psu up against a NDX2/252/300 and 250 DR……both old style power amps into Kudos 707.