New classic nap 250 - first impressions

I’m wondering if anyone has heard this with a Chord Hugo TT2 running direct into the NC250 amp in preamp mode ?

I don’t have the funds for a preamp, but I could do the HTT2 / NC250 as a combo. if it’s a good match or even safe to do so. I haven’t read of anyone doing this, so I’m keen to hear if anyone has.

Having tried Dave into 250DR for a while I’m sure it won’t be unsafe. I did find that a matching Chord power amp was a much better match, though. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but who knows, perhaps the NC250 is more tolerant of non-Naim preamps that it’s predecessors.

Having owned all of the 250’s except this new one I found the DR to best closely followed by the Olive the CB/CB Bolt down those last three where very close I just preferred the 82/SC/250 and in last position but still very good the 250-2.

I’m totally agree with that :+1:
As I listen to it in Baden Baden, I had the same feeling.
There’s in my opinion more coherence as with the 250 (dr or not dr) Classic.
The NC250 will be a best seller as the CB and olive 250.
Very good job! :grinning:

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Nearly 2 months on and the 250 has settled in very well. The soundstage is wider and i can hear more of finer details in the music without losing that coherence and signature. Couldn’t be happier given I took it on without a demo :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t be happier with mine in the new setup, partnered up with a Linn Selekt DSM acting as a streamer/preamp.
I’ve been doing an extended evaluation for some weeks of Chord Signature XLR and speaker cables, both in isolation and when combined bringing favourable characteristics to the presentation.
I certainly found it took me many days to acclimatise to cable changes, the Signature gives very good instrument seperation and distinct extension to bass decay.
Default setup is stock Naim XLR as provided with the NAP 250 + NAC A5.


Just passed the 6 month mark on mine. It has a wonderfully quick, dynamic ease to it now. It’s very baby 500 like.


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