New Classic Streamer Preamp compatable with 5 year old Nap 250 non DR?

Have been wanting to upgrade Nac172 XS, looking at Ndx 2 then would need a seperate preamp I imagine it could be used soley as a preamp?

But the plot thickens is the new streamer preamp compatible with my 5 year old NAP 250.

On the Naim Compatibility Chart it does show that the NSC 222 is compatible with the NAP 250 using the following cables.

  1. Lead Assembly, New Classic Pre-amp, XLR to Legacy NAP250 XLR - XLR (x2) to Single XLR 00-010-0247
    Price: $299.00 €299.00 £259.00
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Thanks for that the new streamer pre costs more than my 250 nac 172xs and a pair of spendor 2/3 r squared. But it might be future proof for another 5 years!

I use my 222/300 with a 250DR, you just need the special lead as mentioned above. I am very happy with the system as is.

@paulbysea, if you don’t mind me asking, with combination do you have to power the 250 off when system is not in use to avoid any nasty thumps if the 222/300 go into energy save mode? Just curious.

Thanks in advance.

I leave the 250DR on all the time. I never hear any thumps as the 222 goes into power-saving mode. However, Steve 110Db suggested leaving the 222 on 24/7 for the first 3 month speeds up the burn in process. However, I just have it on from about 08:00 until 23:00 playing the radio if I am not listening to rips or LPs

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If the price is too steep, you can go for the Atom HE. I’ve done the same, 7k euros is too much but 3k was possible.


Many thanks for your reply. Always useful to know these things!

I use an Atom HE as a preamp/streamer with an old Nap250 -2002-(updated to a DR by Naim) and KEF ref 103/4 (1992) speakers. I stream using Tidal high res. IMO, with great results that I am very happy with…
More musical than my previous N272 + TPpower supply. And it’s a solution at less than half the price of the new classic streamer preamp.

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I could never find it again, but I think I remember @110dB saying much earlier back in the big thread that the power-up of the new units was deliberately slowed to avoid thumps and bumps and risk of power circuit trips…

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Why do you stream Tidal MQA with your Atom HE ? As Naim doesn’t decode MQA. I am curious.

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Thanks David, I’m sure the new Classic range does have gentler start up I’m wondering how they play when mixed with the original Classic range. If the preamps go into standby when pulled in to a Classic 250 that is left powered on, presumably the preamp output is muted, just hoping someone can confirm?

As you know, Tidal doesn’t send MQA streams to Naim streamers as they can’t decode it, so he is getting CD quality actually.

But if it sounds ok to him then that’s great and he can save some money by downgrading his subscription without any loss in sound quality.

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The 222/300 automatically goes into standby mode if that is how you set it up in the Auto Standby section of other settings. You can set the delay from between 5 mins to 2 hours or never go into standby. I have never heard any thumps when the 222 powers up or down.

Many thanks for confirming Paul. All part of deliberations on what to keep; 555ps or 250DR if I do jump to a 222.

Whilst the 555PS is better than the NPX300, I wonder if with a 222 that the 300 is a better choice, I believe part of the 555 is not used with the 222 and the bit that does will power both the digital and analogue circuitry, the only way to find out is likely a demo.

My future dilemma is that I am pondering whether to get another NPX300 or upgrade the 250DR to the 250.3 next. My 222/300 is about 7 weeks old now and it is sounding better now than it did at first, now I am waiting for the next uplift in SQ and any future purchases are likely to be at the end of the year or next year.

Thanks David and Frenchy for clarifying this. As you have guessed my knowledge of streaming is very limited, but I’m enjoying my streamed music more than ever before, and now I can reduce my subscription.

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This is what I’m wondering, but think it would have to be a home demo at that stage as it will be the old ‘swings and roundabouts’ and significant costs will all be a factor no doubt at this level.

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I would go for the 300 NPX first, as it will power both the preamp and the streamer. Should give the biggest upgrade for that money.
But i am only speculating. Perhaps your speakers like power and will benefit the most from the new 250.
But perhaps also, even if the 250.3 is apparently undoubtedly better, you may prefer the 250 dr sound signature. Or not. You may like the more powerful sound, with better defined bass, faster vs the 250 dr……but you may, if it’s the case ( I have not compared yet) , not like that much the leaner sound and a bit brighter ( from what I read ).
The 300 NPX is a confident upgrade. The 250.3 more risky.


However Tidal announced that he will offer very soon true hires on his catalog, like Qobuz. So a hires subscription will be more logical.
But I don’t know when Tidal will launch these hires.