New Cyrus CDT xr

I am looking to buy one of these perhaps and output to digital to a NSC222 or for analogue via a Chord Qutest which I have in stock. I want to ask about the reliability of Cyrus CD transports and players as I have had a couple in the past and they used to degrade to needing a constant light tapping on top before they would read a CD when first inserted. When they worked they sounded superb and attract 5 stars from What HiFi.

That sounds like the early introduction of the slot loading mechanisms that plagued the cd8.
That’s a thing of the past.

Thanks Robert, It was also the tray loading mechanism and plagued my friends machines also.
I also had the series 6 amp which I also liked but the PSX went faulty and blew it. So you can tell my views on Cyrus reliability were unprintable at the time about 10 years ago.

All the slightly different colour LEDs used to bug me big time, my CD transport went back for repair a couple of times.

It is sat with my DAC XP, smart powers and PSX power supply in the loft.

Have you considered the Pro Ject CD Box? Very impressed with mine.

I’ve owned Cyrus Cdi XR for 1 half year now no problems whatsoever here. A stellar cd player all circuits are made by SMS in Nottingham along with the servos, Cyrus only buy in the loader. The servo evolution was developed by cyrus years ago to provide a read right first time rather than error correction. They don’t tweak bought in mechanisms buy with confidence :relieved:

I use daily a Cyrus CD XT Signature for about 7yrs now…absolutely no issues…and before that a Cyrus CD8, again no issues…CD8 got “chopped in” for the Signature upgrade.

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Thanks to all for the comments and as I need a small CD transport with front loading you have given me confidence to go for the Cyrus CDT xr.

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My last CD player was a CD XTSE+. It flatly refused to read a few CDs and became somewhat temperamental but did sound absolutely fantastic when hooked up digitally to the XPD pre amp.

Hopefully the mechs are far more robust now.

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I have had my Cyrus CDi-XR for over a year and it works perfectly no issues at all.

As with any high quality CD player you want to stick with CD’s with no scratches.

P.S The XR firmware has an option to calibrate the loading mechanism, so if you did have any loading issues it is a easy fix.

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That’s clarified a presumption I had in that a CD player without error correction will need pretty much pristine discs.

I’d still be a bit nervous about taking delivery of a rare, used CD and having the player say “No”.

The odd light mark will be fine. I have just played a few discs that the wife scratched up in her car and they played fine.

Good to know. Thanks :+1:t2:

I forgot to mention the XR CD player’s can now be updated by the user, you do not need to have Cyrus or your dealer update the firmware like players of old.

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I have cdi-XR player very easy to update software for user interface and servo. Just a bit of common sense with a pc or laptop

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