New dBpoweramp Release

A new dBpoweramp update has just arrived “Release 2023-10-10”

It includes both Windows & macOS versions and its a freebee if you have the R202X licence. There are quite a few changes & bug fixes over the previous 2023-6 release.

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Thanks Mike. I’ll have to work out how to update it. A challenge for later.

'morning Nigel, just download & install.
It overwrites the previous R202X install & keeps your settings.

You know if you buy db poweramp if you get the single license version can you transfer it to a new computer as long as you deactivate it on the old one. Also is it recommended to get perfect tunes too? I’ve been using it for free to convert stuff but I’m considering buying it to replace iTunes if I decide to get a nas rather than a specific music ripper/storage like the core or Innuos. Still very much debating which option to go with.

The licence is linked to your e-mail address so swapping computers is just a matter of installing on the new one.
Perfect Tunes is up to you & what you want to do.
Maybe all you need is the Music Converter, its includes CD Ripper, Music Converter, Batch Converter plus plus … It does a lot of all sorts & it might be all you need to do what you are looking for

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I can’t see that release.

Last release I have for Asset on my QNAP is Release 7.5

Is this the update your are referring to?

October 2023

dBpoweramp Music Converter R2023-10-10. enhancements, bug fixes

Hi Andy, this thread is about dBpoweramp, not Asset

The dBpoweramp this thread is about is released as either a separate item or included in the Music Converter R2023-10-10.

The latest Asset release for QNAP units is Asset UPnP Premium QNAP R2023-5-15

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Great thanks - noted.

I’ve checked this and I still have the older R17 version. I can upgrade to the R2023 for half price, but is it worth it in terms of functionality? Thanks.

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Have you considered the Music Converter package rather than just the basic dBp? It includes the dBp CD Ripper, plus Music Converter & Batch Converter.

As for what you consider the worth of its functionality, that’s only something for you. The old R17 does the job, but it’s now archived.
R202X and it’s updates will do it arguably better.
I made the move to the R202X licence when was first introduced and am happy with the price that includes on going development, no cost updates and support.

Also worth noting that Asset UPnP now has the R202X series licence deal.

What’s this? I can’t find any reference to it on the dbpoweramp site

I agree that the dBpoweramp site needs some serious smartening up for clarity, it’s difficult to navigate for a once in a while user.

If you want a trail version, starting from the Illustrate forum screen …
‘Products’ tab and open ‘Asset UPnP’ … go to bottom of page for the download link.

Or if you already have a registered previous (e.g. 7.5) version of Asset, go to your Registration Retrieval at the bottom of the ‘Buy’ tab page.
Open your reg number for Asset & it will/should take you to an update offer to get the R202X series. If I remember correctly it was 50% off normal price.

I tried that but it is only giving me an offer to add extra licences to Asset at 50% off. I don’t need them and my old version of dbpoweramp (which I now use very infrequently) does everything I want anyway.

That’s OK, your choice.

You get it into your mail…so yes every other p.c

Thanks Mike

Another new dBpoweramp update is released.
Its included (bunded) in the Music Converter Reference Windows (and macOS) R2023-11-1

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