New Era for Sound!


Saw that and wondered what it could be.

I assume it’s some new 300 series bits. Someone in the comments suggests a new Muso which doesn’t seem to fit the description.

Having had a quick glance I think what we can deduce from it is:

  • it’s full width
  • it has a volume control

iow, not much.

But likely a pre-amp of sorts. Streaming or not remains to be seen. Of course it’s well possible multiple components will be introduced.

It could be anything!
Munich show is next week.

Also it has a heat sink. Which doesn’t help either.

I suspect a pre-amp at least.Maybe some power amps as well.

Naim-GPT AI assisted pre/power amp with advanced triphase-wobulator technology


A new nait?

and a flux capacitor to bring back that good old fashioned Naim sound?


Press release (probably)…

Naim-GPT heralds a new era of sound, leveraging Naim’s patented generative AI technology to create music on demand direct from the listener’s brain functions. Naim-GPT interprets the listener’s emtional and physical responses to sound to create music exactly as they wish to hear on a continual basis. No more having to purchase new releases or fiddle with system setup, Naim-GPT makes it sound exactly the way you want. All hail our AI overlords.


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New Pre-Amp-Tastic!

" A New Era" Blimey!!

They missed the dawn hence they now claim an entire era to be safe on the planning side.

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Sounds expensive…

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Link doesn’t work… for me… :slightly_frowning_face:

Next Thursday (18th) if you’re in Munich.

Wasn’t that the launch slogan for the 200 series, the first of the New Classics, a few months ago?

And the output of course is plugged directly into the brain for perfect sound quality, no need for speakers and the negative effects of rooms, nor amps to drive them, the only things to fret over are the choice head mount and choice of battery (assuming not mains powered with a cable to your head). Truly a new era in sound: silent “sound”, only heard in the user’s brain.

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What a time to be alive!


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