New forum and pagination?


AC, I’m told it won’t do that because it uses “Lazy loading” so it loads just what you need - quickly and efficiently too. Together with the infinite scroll bar, it’s supposed to work much better than pagination. It works well for me at the moment, even on the System pics thread. Hopefully it will still do so in 6 months time…



The ‘what are you listening to?’ thread was the one I was referring to with potentially thousands of images, if that works, theer should be few problems.

The two minor annoyances I find are that (at least on Safari on a Mac):

1 - I’d prefer sticky/notification threads to perhaps have a grey background to the text to distinguish from live threads, and,

2 - I seem to find that when I click on a thread it auto-scrolls to suggestions rather than last post - I may be wrong and will give a bit more detail later.

Minor comments:

1 - as is trendy there’s more whitespace than before, but not too much, but anything that can reduce scrolling is beneficial.

2 - There’s too much white space leading to the ‘Reply’ line, and for the life of me I cannot see the point of having to click on ‘…’ to show additional options when we only have link and edit before that - clicking ‘…’ only adds 3 options, there’s no point hiding them to begin with unless it’s a fixed forum design.



On iPhone I find the scroll bar doesn’t work at all, so as threads get longer, this is going to be a problem.
If you tap on someone’s avatar on the R to take you to their post, you have to scroll back down to where you were manually, which can be tricky to find.
Then there is a back button, which only appears sporadically, and usually doesn’t work even when it’s there.
Oh yes…and a ‘back to the top of the page’ button would be useful too.



If you’d like to see a long thread, take a look at eg the roon forum
1100 posts in that thread.



I use a windows phone, there is no scroll bar.




Not even in landscape mode? In iOS/Safari this seems to depend on the orientation of the phone/tablet.

And in portrait mode there is the box in the right bottom indicating the position in the thread, e.g. 26/26. When I click there a slider appears.



Looks fine on mine in both modes.



Thanks, I hadn’t noticed that. It’s usually hidden under the white bottom bar that pops up whenever it feels like it.

The little box that appears with a slider is very small, why don’t they just make it so that the whole thread moves?


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