New forum and pagination?

The “What are you listening to” thread already has 80 posts but no page breaks. Does this mean that all posts in a thread always appear on the same page? This might make the handling of long running threads a bit difficult, because the browser would have to load all posts before showing the last one. Some kind of pagination every 40 or so posts would be helpful IMO. Perhaps I’ve missed a setting in the preferences?

I think that when you go back to the thread later you are taken to where you left off before, so you don’t have to start at the beginning…

But whether that is based on cookies in your phone or whatever or remembered by the forum server, I haven’t yet discovered.

I’m not! I’ve yet to figure out just how this works, as there are more settings available here than on the old forum.

There doesn’t seem to be any pagination but when you click on a thread it seems to take to the latest post. There’s also a navigation bar on the right hand side in case you don’t like scrolling and want to move to a certain point quickly. We haven’t had any long threads yet, so I’m interested to se how it works out.

Ah, I didn’t see the navigation bar. Perhaps this is already sufficient and pagination is not needed at all.

You might well be right @ChrisSU. I haven’t gone into enough long threads to really understand this forum yet. The main difference I’m noticing was that I used to get an email with each post in a thread I was following and that could be a lot of emails. I expect I could set that here too but I’m trying out only getting an email when someone “answers” me, which is an odd concept in some of the threads we get into.

Ah, the navigation bar seems to be only visible in landscape mode on the iPad, not in portrait mode.

Is that on the App or looking at the forum through Safari?

I’m using Safari.

This is beginning to look complicated!

Sometimes the numbers on the right have a circle round them, or they turn orange, or both. Sometimes there are two numbers side by side. Perhaps they are intended to represent the number of unread posts, but in practice this is certainly not always the case. I could go on further, but I’ll leave it for now!

AFAIK the number to the right is the number of new posts since you were here last (in threads you have read for a certain time - can be changed in settings, default is 4 mins I think it can be set to never if it bothers you or have posted in) the second circled number if there is a second is the number of unread threads since you last looked at that thread (ie you may have logged in but not checked in that thread). If a number isn’t circled it’s the number of posts in the thread.

So new forum pagination you have but not lingered for longer than 4 minutes in and not replied to.

Introductions has 4 new posts since you were in that thread and one new post since you were on the forum.

Hopefully this makes sense.


My bottom line after one day with the new forum: I like it.

I have to say after only 30 mins or so it all seems great I’ve been able to navigate easily and post I especially like the drag and drop feature when posting pictures.

It seems variable - possibly because so far I have viewed using safari on iPhone, app on iPhone, Safari on iPad and Safari on iPad. So it may be that position is saved in a cookie from the app - but if you use multiple platforms it will be variable, and the longer between use of any one, the more significant the difference - and mine likely to be mostly iPad app but a fair bit by iPhone app and occasionally (once or twice a week) a laptop (waterfox).

First impression is that the 40-post pagination of the old thread with entering on the most recent post seemed better, especially given how long some threads get - however it is early days (day!) yet, and I’m still getting used to the different ways of getting into different threads, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a problem - and perhaps there may even be a means of setting entry at start or end of thread that I haven’t found yet.

My location services were off

The app doesn’t appear the the iOS Location Services list, but then, I might have a page open in Safari too.
It usually thinks I’m in London, but today it’s guessing at Romania, neither of which are remotely accurate.

All my devices report correctly but if it can’t determine where you are It may use the gateway that your internet provider uses to get on to the internet. This could be a long way from home.

The forum doesn’t use pagination. There’s a scrollbar/timeline and it uses infinite scrolling as well as lazy loading so will only load what’s needed at any one time, so you won’t be waiting ages for the entire thread to load.

Thanks Richard. As far as I can see scrolling and incremental loading work quite well, so no complaints from my side anymore.

This is my main concern - long threads like this with hundreds or thousands of images - if the whole thread is loaded it could really stress a browser/memory requirements, but if it’s fast and dynamically loading items perhaps not a problem.

I did like pagination however especially as you could often remember roughly where something was when oldest was the earlier page, whereas many fora use newer posst first on the ‘1st page’ making older things harder to find.

The ‘timeline’ scrollbar is very neat.