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Hi everyone, Just joined the world of Naim at the age of 76!
Looking forward to good times and making the best of my ageing ears.
All the best Paul, Bristol, UK


Welcome to the forum Paul.

You’re a brave man to have an n-Vi after all these years, Paul. Mine never worked, other than as an expensive door stop.

I know it’s not got good press but one just came my way for £300, owned from new, fully serviced in 2021 and working 100%. I had to pull the trigger !!!


Welcome to the forum!


Enjoy it and welcome to the forum.


Welcome 6V6, don’t know much about the n-Vi personally but hope it will do you proud - there’s maybe a 15-20 year hiatus when I wasn’t really looking at new Naim products and missed things like this. They’re built to last and if I had the time and a bit of spare cash I’d love to delve into some of the older stuff like this - you’ll see from many forum posts how much older Naim equipment is cherished.


Hi Paul, Welcome to the naim forum.

How did you arrive here, and how can we help?

Geoff, just South of Bristol, on the West Coast!

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AV2 owner here - AV2 is the other audiovisual amplifier of Naim. It’s the most used Naim device in our house and still going strong!


Welcome Paul … it’s never too late to enjoy Naim, be it for AV or music

Welcome to the Forum Paul, hope you’ve got a healthy bank balance!

Thanks to all for the welcome messages.

I’ve been into HiFi since the mid 1960’s……

Had a fair bit of kit as well, some good, some not so good.

Still regret selling my Tannoy Lancasters with 15” Monitor Golds, they could really shift some air.

Anyway, Naim has always been on the periphery of my radar and this N-Vi, which is arriving on Monday, came available.

Replacing an Arcam unit ……it’s a one owner item with a full service in 2021 including the screen…I am assured it works 100%….

If it fails I won’t need much money, other than to replace it, as it is obsolete and apparently no longer supported by Naim ….

But if the screen were to die again then, as a lifelong electronics engineer I feel quite capable of changing it myself….they are available from ……where else ??...China….

But if it lasts a few years I might be tempted to move up the Naim food chain ….

Assuming I last a few years …

Cheers to all :guitar::blush::+1:


Hi Geoff, Escaped from Manchester and moved down to Sandford, near Winscombe.:+1:

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Hi Paul,

I did mean arrive at the forum and with the N-Vi… but no worries, you have answered the question with the reply above. :+1:

I have had much musical joy with products from a vintage yhat makes ownership ‘very affordable’.

I have used many AV products as ‘audio only affairs’, generally selecting them due to their capabilities with audio …

Glad you knew to jump on it and ‘welcome to the Naim forum’ (thankyou for your shiny happy self being apart of the forum vibe; great to have you!)

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Arghhhh….all is not well ……see my post on HiFi Corner……

Welcome!!! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum!

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You are very welcome here. Enjoy!