New forum, why?


Not sure why we changed the forum? Every time we moved to a new forum, it gets worse?

Readability? Clarity? Presentation? Everything seems to look worse!!!

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I checked out some prices for the software running forums, and I believe this is a much cheaper option than which was used before.

Maybe Richard can shed some light on Naims arguments for the change.


couple of day’;s in i happen to like the new look forum, yes it’s different - but I certainly feel so far an improvement over the prev Forum - certainly photos are a lot easier to post, posts of interest as ever, yes your prev posts and level has not been moved over, not sure thats an issue for me
so far it’s a thumps up from me


You can change most of that in your settings within your profile. I am currently using white writing on black background. Much better. This forum is greatly improved in my opinion.


Quinn, so far the response from most members has been positive. Thing is, it’s new, and I suppose it’s natural to initially prefer what was more familiar. Have a play with some of the settings in your preferences, particularly the themes - I find the grey theme works well for me.

A number of reasons for changing the forum. For one, it brings it back to Naim having more back end control and no longer having it based out in the US. For two, the old forum was always one that wasn’t ideal for our purposes, but which we felt we had to go with as we didn’t want to lose all the historical forum data. It was quite a wrestle to get it to where it was. The early days were pretty painful, as many here can recall. Since then we have reached agreement that we can archive the data, so it has allowed a fresh start, with a more suitable platform for our needs. It has also allowed us to clean out a lot of dead memberships, and yes, hopefully it will even be a little less costly to run too, which is a bonus (meaning more budget can be spent on the moderators :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


The white out format really zaps my battery level on the iPad. Grey and white lettering format seems the most economical and looks awesome. Well done you chaps.


Got to say this is the first forum upgrade I’ve seen anywhere for a while that’s worthy of the word. As someone with a VI I have to say it’s a decent improvement I can now post I,ages without the faff of remote hosting. One tends to be sceptical of these things but for me this is a “very well done Naim” moment.


Have to agree.

I’d not say it’s perfect and I’d have a few suggestions to make if anyone was interested, but it’s extremely responsive, and has some slightly quirky features that almost seem geeky functionality wise, would seem tricky to implement but are very nice.

Not sure about the gamification aspects to be honest, but they’re harmless.


The new forum is using what most forums are using out there these days and is leagues ahead of the old one from a usability front. This one works properly on mobile for one. The old one was dire, especially on Android and would test to bold when editing for no reason.


I’ m sorry but for me too seems definetely worse, more confusingand don’t like the total white background as well



So this means you now moderate from a nice sunny Island in the pacific


You can change the background colour in settings of your profile. There are 3 theme options Naim have given us. More could be added if they want to. Currently using the grey theme.


Hi, we’ve documented how to change your theme here: How to change the theme of the Forum

Many thanks


I jumped to make comments on the new forum too soon - My initial impressions on the new forum were negative because it was kind of new, and it seemed overpowered to me…

However, over the last few weeks, it has grown on me, and now I very much like it. I think the UI is very much more ergonomic, intuitive than the old forum, it is fast, and very easy to find things, everything seems to be better.

Thanks much to Naim to provide a good forum to support the Naim users, it is very much appreciated,


What does muting a discussion topic actually do? I still see these topics in the suggested topics so what’s the point in muting them?


If you have notifications set then this should prevent any notifications for the particular topic - it also won’t appear in the “latest” list.


Thanks Richard.


Well, I’m sorry but I much prefer it and for an IT dummy like me so much easier to post pictures. It might be me, but some of the nasty sniping associated with the old forum seems to have gonetoo. Long may it continue!


I was thinking that, too. Let’s hope it stays that way.


My question is simple but Where is Preferences? it alludes me