New Hi-Line into CDX and 52?


Just got myself a Hi-Line to go between my Olive CDX and my Olive 52. The CDX is some twenty years old and the 52 is thirty. Here’s my question: Do the plugs fit straight in so that you should be able to read NAIM from top (as in the picture)? The older SNAICS fitted somewhat twisted to the left, but this is the only way I’ll get them to fit. I also notice that the plugs don’t slide that far into the sockets. It takes only a little up-and-down movement for the plug to come loose. Is this normal? Am I doing it right?

That looks pretty good to me. IIRC on some of the DINs used on the Olive kit the plug won’t go all the way in but just go as far as you can and you’ll be fine. Usually you would pull out by a mm or so just to ensure the plug is not too coupled to the socket.

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The orientation looks right.

I would push it all the way in and then wiggle it out a tad less than shown in your pic. When pushing or pulling, only do so by holding the shiny silver bit.

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