New Innuos feature V 2.0.10?

Just noticed this evening that if you accidentally rip the same CD a second time, there still only appears a single version on the Innuos server.

Is this a new feature, or have I just not noticed it before?


I’ve only ever noticed one version but then I’ve only ripped something a second time when there appeared to be an error i.e. very rarely. I do have two versions of one album in error but still only one appears. Digging deeper one is, for reasons which escape me, in the unsorted folder.

A ‘quarantine’ file has been a long standing feature on Innuos SW. Duplicates, faulty rips, albums without appropriate meta data etc. would land in the quarantine file instead of going into the library. This was a particularly useful feature when importing large collections from other drives.

And to reveal a complete lack of knowledge of my Innuos server, where might I find the quarantine file/folder under V2.0.10?

Goodness knows what I may find as I originally populated the server by importing from my US.

Many thanks,


Hi there Doc,

Here you go!