New iPad and 272

I am thinking of getting a new iPad soon with IOS 14+ . Will I have hassle still connecting my 272 to the naim app? I have read the workaround but wondered if that is just for latest models or does it include legacy streamers? Is it likely to get sorted so that we can automatically link all naim streamers to the app in the near future?

I have iPad with iOS 14.2 & NDX, works perfectly

As I read the release note it’s specifically IPhone 12 and 14.2 that has the issue.

Oops, I just read it as IOS 14.2, didn’t realise it was only for iPhone 12.
I have an iPhone 7 running ios14.2 and you’re quite right no problems with the app on there. Thanks for pointing this out

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Anyway the Airplay bug only affects the setting up of new platform products that are to be connected by WiFi. So the 272 is fine on several counts!



I recently bought a new iPad moving on from a 4th gen. I followed instructions from Apple regarding transferring everything over to the new one. I haven’t had any issues with the recent updates.

The issue referred to only affects iPhone 12 and only concerns setting up new platform Naim streamers on WiFi for the first time. There is a workaround in a sticky at the top of the room.

It doesn’t apply to iPads or older iPhones or old Naim streamers or new Naim streamers that are using ethernet rather than WiFi…

Oh wow, that’s weird, I have such a old iPhone I can only dream of a 12!

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