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Having been using an oldish ipad air which was struggling with its battery capability i decided to buy a new ipad. This time around just the standard, cheapest version. I am really surprised how fast this one is versus the old ipad air. For those that find they are waiting for the Naim app to find rooms…it could just be your ipad processor is slow?
And no the music sounds just the same😉


I agree - huge difference in speed between iPad generations. That said, I kept an old iPad mini v.2 for use with Atom in bedroom system - no problems or delay in it finding any of the Naim streamers! I’m convinced performance is ultimately dependant upon the network and wifi performance.

Maybe because the new one has a clean screen ?


Just bought the latest iPad Mini (5th Gen) most basic configuration (64 GB Wifi Only) to use with Nova and Roon. Small profile, great screen and fast. Apple is currently running great trade in values on older devices.


Hi Gazza, I have an iPad Air 2 with 16GB which is about 5-6 years old now. Since they introduced the iPadOS a year or more ago the amount of memory used by it and the Apple Apps has left mine a bit short of memory. It frees memory automatically if you don’t use Apps. It’s a bit like a cookoo! It took them awhile to make the multitasking work and me to learn to stop Safari opening a new window (now it’s easy to close the extra Safari window).

I find that the Covid map on the gov coronavirus site constantly reloads when I try to zoom around various parts of the country to see the local situation with my family. I only install OneDrive and Microsoft Office Apps if I really must use the iPad as they are memory hungary. Photos is poor at optimising memory with Shared stuff.

Well good that the new one is better but I don’t like bloating Apple’s profits further. Quite agree that omph helps.


Agh funny enough i used that government Covid map on the old ipad and i had the same problem, thought it was the website. You are correct it works fine with the new ipad👍

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Just picked up an 8th gen model too, yes the A12 chip is no slouch and difference is noticeable. The slightly larger screen is nice too.

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