New kit for the gym

The Gym is sounding like a great place to be now, with all this isolation on going.


Can you post more pics? 1st gym hifi I have seen on here anyway! Whats the CD Player? I had an Alpha 9 some years back and it was a great player.

Arcam alpha 7se, Nac62, Hicap, Nap 160 & Ruark icon.

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I have a separate gym hifi setup as well but nary a Naim to be found there…

Is that an old Alphason equipment table? I’m still using one of them, the three shelf version with storage for about 80 LPs at the bottom.
In fact an equipment table is one of the reasons I’m holding back on a streamer. The rack I have has my turntable, CD5si and Nait XS2 housed in it as well as full LP storage at the bottom. Add a streamer and there’s nowhere for it to go. If I replaced it with a new rack then I need somewhere for the 80 or so LPs housed in it and my overflow LP storage won’t accomodate all of them. Major re-think on storage is required!

It is a Alphason, I bought it in the 90’s.

Similar vintage to mine in that case

They sound great, don’t they. I think they look amazing. Definitely a classic and the minute you see them you know they are a Naim.

That’s mine with my Syncro sitting on top. You can just make out the top of the records stored in the bottom part.


Looks really nice my Naim friend.

a few more pics of the gym

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My one bedroom apartment combines my living room, listening room, and home gym…all in one.


You have got an awesome pad NO-QUARTER and the system to go with it. Amazing, well done.

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You definitely win with that one. Nice job.

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