New managed switch and router

Phew…I have had a pretty intense Christmas I have decided to replace my 24 port 3750g cisco switch it was drawing 1.6kw a day!!! I have replaced it with a Netgear GS724T V4 layer 2 switch and a Draytek 2680 router. I have finally managed to configure 3 vlans which work nicely with dchp… I have spent ages testing it…the trunking seems to work great… I am about to do my final install. So my cctv is vlan 10, vlan 20 general house, vlan 30 hifi/office.
Ultimately I was thinking of tweaking things so the hifi did not communicate via the trunk…but via its own cable to the router…there are a world of options open to me…any thoughts…


How are you controlling the hi-fi equipment? Do you have dedicated devices on the hi-fi vlan to control the streamer etc?

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Yes a nuc…running rock and an audiophile switch…feeding my ND555…and my work pc. I intend to share some ports to allow access to nas drives and other bits of equipment.

I was just thinking that if you want to control the hi-fi from your general house vlan (20) you will need something to deal with muilticast routing. But if you have a dedicated PC on the hi-fi lan then that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Ouch! I’ve had an electricity monitor on my 2960 for a couple of days and it runs at a steady 9W. Obviously much smaller, and no fan, but 1.6kW seems like a lot. At least in winter it’ll be warming your house up a bit.

Im hoping the OP means it uses 1.6kWhr in a 24 hour period, rather than 1.6kW. If it is the latter they have a significant issue.

That’s about 66watts, which seems right for a big Cisco switch. I got rid of my 8 port 2960 partly because of the power consumption.

It must be over a 24hr period, i.e. aprx 66W.
1.6kW in a box the size of a switch is a room heater.
I expect the 1.6 was calculated from the spec/data sheet. In which case the number will be wrong anyway as spec sheet numbers are not the actual current draw of a switch as used in individual specific setups and conditions. e.g. ports that are not carrying traffic or are unused get put in sleep mode, plus port power reduction depending on cable length.

I was wondering whether they were mixing up 1.6Kw with 1.6Kwhr? One being of course a rate of doing work the other being the total work done. Kwhr is a silly unit of work anyway.
( kilo) Joules/second* time.
Just use Joules !
Its a silly electricity generation unit.
And silly from from one who works in the nuclear electricity generation business.

In 24 hours it uses around 60-70 watts an hour…my new Netgear is 17w…I did not need 3 layer capability…2 layer is great.

Thats quite a difference in power requirements for something that is on 24/7.

I too would be interested to hear opinions on streaming via a trunk - good idea or bad?


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The term “trunk” varies depending on switch vendor, with Aruba it means multiple ports bonded together using lacp ( aka LAGG ) with Cisco it means carrying tagged and an untagged vlan on a port.

Yep this concerns me too…my intention is to switch off the trunk…to the hifi room…and run a dedicated wire straight from hifi room vlan to the router…bypassing the trunk which should help streaming. Any coms with internal nas drives etc would involve port assignment in the switch…hopefully also avoiding the trunk…can anyone advise if this will work…

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