New Melco switch

The S10. £4999

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If I’m looking at this correctly it’s not awfully suitable for installation on the hi fi rack adjacent one’s streamer/player or dac. Because who wants to see all those patch cables coming out the front?

I take it this is intended for a behind-the-scenes install, which is where most switches reside anyway.

That’s the rear view. Not much too see on the front but more room friendly.

Interesting that they do not mention anything about an oven controlled clock as seen on the Innuos switch, which i thought did benefit the music and much preferred to the S100. Be interesting to see what people think of this new switch.

So a double box switch? A bit like the N10? Interesting. I am considering the switch to Phoenix from my ER set up. Not sure if its better, its certainly not audibly a lot worse, it is different BUT its a shoe box size vs 2x ER and a full size PS!

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