New Member needing NAC42 help n advice

Am in the process of getting my late Fathers Hi Fi system up and running again.
He was running the NAC42 with a Hafler DH500 amp thru some KEF 107’s.

I’m a bit lost with the connections for the power supply and haven’t been able to find much info.

The power supply is a NAPS 240V.
I’ll try and post a couple of pictures.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


My, you have some antiques there! I used to own a 42 with Snaps, but I’ve never seen a Naps. Anyway, you connect the left hand socket on the Naps, ie left in your photo, to the socket on the 42 to the right of the tape socket. This will give power to the 42 and send the audio signal to the Naps. Then you need to connect the other socket on the Naps to the Hafler. The latter has a pair of RCAs for audio input, so hopefully you have the old lead that your dad used.

How all this works will be interesting, as power supplies and presumably the Hafler do need servicing periodically. It may or may not still work, but it’s going to be very interesting to find out.


Thanks for your help.

To be honest I thought the NAPs connected to the socket to the right of the output…thank goodness you showed me the right way before I tried to run things.

Yes the equipment is ancient , has been in the family since it was new. My father was an electrical engineer and built the Hafler from a kit. He was a real HiFi nut and a connoisseur of classical music.

I plan on following your advice and taking the DH500 , the NAC42 and NAP into a really good tech I know in Vancouver to have them inspected. There is also a DH200 kit that’s not even been built.

The KEFs are in his shop at the moment having the refoaming of the drivers and the Ferrofluid fluid.

Even though my Fathers passing was just under a year ago ,all of this equipment has probably sat silent for 10 years or more.

It will be a process getting everything checked out and running in top form but I’m going to do it to keep his memory alive.

Once again thanks for your help…much appreciated!!!


Great that you’re willing and (hopefully) able to keep this lovely vintage system going as a way of maintaining a connection with your dad. Mine died just last month and I’ve started transcribing his diaries from vaguely similar intentions.

Do keep us posted on how it works out and how it sounds. You’ll probably get lots of suggestions to get the kit serviced, which will probably be worth the time, effort and money, but just getting it back up and running will be a great start.


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Sorry to hear about your loss as well…my Father passed one year ago this coming Monday.

Music was my big connection with him…although I was the black sheep with Rock n Roll and he was the Classical nut.

He had a collection of over 3000 classical records and there is more stereo equipment besides the stuff I’ve listed so far.

Actually also have a pair of Klipsch Cornwall CD-BR’s , Pioneer SA9100 / TX9100 and a Micro Seki MR711 turntable ,all bought new back in the day.

Anyway , my goal is to get the Naim equipment up and running with the Hafler and KEF’s which was how his system was last set up.

I will keep everyone posted on how that system works out and how the servicing of the stuff goes.
Looking forward to input and advice from the other members.


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Speedbird, your NAC42 appears to have the serial number 6878, which must make it one of the earliest items to be shown on this Forum.

Do any Members have anything older still?

Incidentally, I seem to recall that ‘Speedbird’ was the call sign used by British Airways for their (tiny) Concorde fleet between LHR and JFK, or do you have some other reason for using it?

Interesting Info about the NAC42…I can double check when I’m at my mothers house later this week but I believe my Father purchased it new in 1986. Actually still have the original box it came in.

And Yes…Speedbird is the British Airways call sign. Speedbird84 is the flight from CYVR to EGLL…my Father flew on that flight for many years back n forth for work.

Aviation was my other huge passion besides music

We actually moved from England to Canada in the late 60’s

After searching the forum seems that the NAC42 with the RED LED was a very early one.

You should be aware that this being the official Naim forum, discussion of servicing or modification by unauthorised agents (competent though they may be) is not permitted here.
Naim do have authorised service agents in Canada and the US who use Naim approved parts to restore amps to their original condition, and if you want to restore your vintage gear to its original spec you may want to consider this option.
Whatever route you choose, good luck, I hope you manage to get your father’s equipment working and continue to enjoy using it.

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6878 was 1982 production.

Thanks for the info.

I’ll have to do some research and try and dig up the original purchase receipt.
Maybe the original box has shipping labels or info on it.

I have a NAC 32, serial number 3059.