New Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen is repeatedly needs a reset to pair iPod via Bluetooth

@S.C I just tested this using my new phone, as you suggested, and the problem did not occur. So your thinking about the problem being specific to the iPod nano, which uses Bluetooth 4.0, appears to be correct: the problem lies with thee nano’s being limited to the use of BT version 4.0. Thanks.

My two Mu-So Qb2 that are wirelessy connected are incredibly stable despite both being far from the router. I’m very satisfied with them. My best hifi purchase!

@Radikal I don’t know if you’re talking about Bluetooth, but if so, I’m guessing your devices aren’t using BT v4.0. Yes?

In my experience that’s not necessarily the issue. I have the same issue @Pete_the_painter experiences. It seems to have to do with usage more than connection. Possibly with source switching/connections.

The one it happens most with is on WiFi, at -52dBm. The one it happens with most after is the secondly most used and is wired.

While the WiFi implementation certainly isn’t great, it’s not the only thing to cause this disappearing act.

I have the Mu-so’s connected via wifi.

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