New Music server to my Naim Nova

I am thinking of upgrading my Innuos Zen Mk.II server. The idea was to buy an Innuos product, but I think the prices of the new models are rather high. ZEN NG starts at £9,000 and ZENith NG starts from £14,200. I could of course buy a MK 3, but it has a few years behind it. I had hoped for a MK 4, but maybe something will happen later?

What good alternatives are there? I have a Roon lifetime subscription, but I prefer Innuo’s sense.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

You can ship your InnuOs Zen mk2 to Portugal and upgrade to the Zenith mk3.
It costs just £1843 in today’s exchange rate (writing from Sweden).
Contact your dealer, or InnuOs directly, they have excellent customer service.

Does it include shipping

As a matter of interest, what is broken that you are trying to fix?

The server prices you quote are twice / three + times the costs of the all in one streamer!
The Nova is good, two here, but it has its limitations, so it likely won’t be able to use to full advantage.

Have read about several people who have gone from MK2 to MK3 and they mention a better sound.

In my example,.the shipping goes from my door (picked up by the shipping company), and to Portugal and back for about €100.
Everything according to InnuOs themselves,.who take care of everything including booking the shipping etc.

It takes about two weeks from when your InnuOs Zen is sent until you have it back.

I agree. I tried a number of expensive streamers with my zenith 3 and found that they brought no improvement over the zenith and pheonix USB I to my dac. I can’t see you would be getting your moneys worth out of a zenith 3 in this set up

Advice here is always to have an audition first. Refreshing the server on this basis being some 45% of the price of a new Nova is more being optimistic, than a blind test would reveal? How does your unit compare with the competition?

Is it 1TB or 2TB storage you have?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s 1TB,.I don’t rip much anymore so I can manage with 1TB.