New Music to you

Isn’t it great when you come across music that’s been around for a while but you’ve only just become aware of it yourself?

Two bands in the last month that I’ve come across are Rhino Bucket and Sprock’s Beard. The future is bright and there are so many old bands to discover!

Any recommendations?

Not to be pedantic, but I think you mean Spock’s Beard, terrific name for a band.

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And I’ll re-listen

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Yep correct probably why I’ve never come across them on Discogs :joy::+1:

Bands, you say… Will ‘Projects’ do…?

Ayreon, Star One - and anything else Arjen Lucassen (a very tall, Dutch Hippy dude…) has done… :astonished:

A. A. Williams. Heard a cover of Deftones ‘Be Quiet and Drive’ which was haunting. Listened to the whole album (Songs from Isolation). Relistened. Can’t stop. Its been a month now.


Great thread!

The one that always springs to mind is the Old 97’s from Dallas, Texas. I heard a track on Radio Paradise and bought the album only to discover that it was their 10th and that they had been around for almost 20 years!

Internet radio and streaming services like Qobuz have just increased the amount of new bands to discover.

So much music out there, so little time.


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