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Hi, all,as we are now about half way through the year,Iwas wondering what is your favorite album release this year.Mine is The Battle at Garden’s Gate by Greta Van Fleet.Would be interesting to hear your thoughts,regards Steve.

The best new music album releases of 2021 so far for me would ben the sumptous Arooj Aftab ‘Vulture Prince’

Dry Cleaning ‘New Long Leg’. Droll post-punk.

Lana Del Rey ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ (which I think I prefer to Norman…Rockwell)

The gently pastoral ‘Green to Gold’ from The Antlers

and last but not least Nice Cave and Warren Ellis ‘Carnage’. Touched by genius, if not quite as consistent at ‘Ghosteen’.

Eclectic mix, and I’m not picking a favourite as it really depends on my mood.

Hope somebody finds something here


@BruceW so glad you like the Arooj Aftab album. It’s spine chilling. Runaway album of the year for me so far.

Nice typo!:grin:

It is special isn’t it. Had me listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ‘Night Song’ again as well.

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Bruce. I am really enjoying the Dry Cleaning album too. Droll post punk is the perfect 3 word description. I will check the others out too.

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