New Muso Firmware failed to complete

Hi. I started the latest update for my Muso (Gen 1), and although the Blue light is on, the whole system has seized, and has been sitting uncommunicative for the past 4 hours. The dial lights have 2/3 segments still unlit. My App (Android) can’t connect to the Muso and I’m unable to access all the normal things on the App.

I got to the point of unplugging the Muso (after 4 hours), and reattaching the power still has the Blue Light, missing segments on the dial, and App in the same place.

Any clues would be gratefully received.


I’d press the reset button.

I think your best bet is to reset the muso to factory settings. You do that by pressing in the small reset button, which I think is on the back, with the reset tool provided it with a pin or similar. Press it in for 6 seconds and release. You need the unit powered on when you do this.

There isn’t a reset hole anywhere but the one next to the LED. I’ve pushed a pin in and the system makes no response at all. LED still blue.

So the reset button isn’t the pinhole next to the LED on the side, but at the back?

Probably is the one you mention. I don’t have a muso here, but I don’t think there is more than one.

Did you hold it in long enough? Try longer….

At least six seconds here:

A minute!

That should have been sufficient :slight_smile: Was it the correct hole?

Yeah, I’ve held it in several times, even for a minute. No change. Blue light stays blue, top dial remains lit apart from 3 segments. Even unplugging the whole machine, and leaving it for a minute, and then plugging it back in just leaves me back where I started

It’s the only hole there is :slightly_smiling_face:

Simplifies things! But the whole situation sucks and I have no idea what to do, sorry. Sounds like a possible repair job, contact your dealer :cry:

Thanks (I think :crazy_face:) Suedkiez. I’m fast coming to that myself.

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I think the best option now is to phone Naim technical support and seek advice. I suggest phone rather than email as they probably won’t answer an email for several days at least, apart from giving you a case number, as they are very busy.

OK. Thanks David. :sob:

Also worth noting that you should unplug it for at least 15-30 minutes - one minute is not enough to allow power to cycle.

I would suggest following:

Fully power down (unplug) for 15-30 minutes.

While that is happening, ensure you are on latest version of Naim App- update if necessary and fully power down/power down up your phone/tablet

Restart your router - ensuring all is back up before you plug your Mu-so back in.

If you can, hard-wire the Mu-so to your router via an Ethernet cable to complete the update.

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Thanks Clare. I’ll try turning it off for a time. The phone app’s locked up and won’t let me access anything. It just says it can’t find the Muso/room and doesn’t offer any other options.

That is definitely a network issue - please do ensure you restart your router and devices as well as power cycle the Mu-so

Power cycle?