New NAD M33

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FWIW, I have the NAD C658 streamer/pre for the time being (waiting for the NAC-N 372 yada yada) and I like it quite much. Dirac works well for me, too good in fact because when listening to analog sources I am reluctant to turn it off but at the same time am unhappy about digitizing the TT output. That said, when purchasing my 300 I also listened to the M22 power amp, which has a different but also digital class D architecture, and found it pretty poor. So try the M33 before buying.

The BluOS app is not perfect by far, but is quite nice (edit: and is quick and reliable for me).
(I won’t compare to the Naim app because the Naim app works very, very badly for me, so I have to assume that there is something wrong with it on my device, specifically ( Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 tablet from last year). I’ll sort that out when I have the 372, as for the time being I only use it on a loaned Nova that I won’t have for long)

I actually had one of these on order to replace my superuniti (the streamer kept dropping, and I wanted more power/clarity) i had given up on the 272.2 + naim amp ever being available. Then there was delays due to covid, and I saw a review that picked the atom over the M10 and I started ruminating on that and the two decades I spent going from brand to brand in search for a solid system which always ended up as a sideways move, so I picked up a SN3 and Nd5 xs2, which I’m very happy with. I think the M33 should be decent, and has well thought out tech, but I asked myself - would I own it in 10 years? - and the answer for me was a resounding no.

If it is different from the M12/M22 combo that might be a good thing. I auditioned the above a while back, I liked the design, the app and the functionality, unfortunately it sounded a little life less to me, I wish I had taken the opportunity to try the m12 with my nap.

Functionality of the M33 looks really good and I would like to try Dirac. I shall have to give it a try when they hit the shelves. This time around with my nap as well as the onboard amp.

I’m curious which review “picked the atom over the M10.” Not that I don’t agree. Completely.
In my experience, manufacturers hate comparisons, especially when they lose. When a competitive product is mentioned in a review and one product is preferred, I think it’s fair to say it usually means that product is clearly superior. Reviews pass through manufacturers before publication and they push back HARD on negative reviews to the point that the negatives are typically toned down. Blame it on advertising, I suppose, which is necessary because people expect online content to be free and there is no such thing as free - someone has to subsidize it.

Gotta admire Naim’s patience, allowing a thread about a competitor product being discussed on a forum hosted by Naim.

OK we do want to hear about the competition, but let’s not take the p1ss.


Recently I tested a Purifi Eigentakt based power amplifier behind my Atom. Even though the bass sounded tighter and the power seemed unlimited, I felt that the Atom sounded (much) better with voices. The 3D imaging of the Purifi amp was beautiful, but overall I felt my Atom sounded more organic and coherent.

In the past I used to own nCore power amps with an Esoteric dac/pre and that sounded really nice. However, the Naim really brings more PRaT into the mix, which I really grew to love. Hence I decided not to invest in a Purifi power amp (like three of my friends have done) as it brings good things, but overall is just different and not necessarily better compared to a good class AB amplifier.

There are many more vendors around who build (actually it is only assemble) power amplifiers based on Purifi Eigentakt modules. Have a look at Audiophonics, Apollon and Nord. One friend bought a Nord Acoustics and two others the Audiophonics. The latter is cheaper than assembling it yourself.

Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I have been building my own nCore mono power amplifiers. Yes, I did listen to Purifi amps, for sure. :yum:

Hypex is the company from Groningen (Netherlands, where we both seem to live :wink:) that first developed UcD and later nCore. Well actually Bruno Putzeys developed UcD for Philips and they did not see the potential of this technology. So Bruno started Hypex and UcD modules became a large success. The improved version of these amplifier modules, were marketed as nCore. There were several versions, for OEM manufacturers and for DIY (like the NC400 modules that I used). The Purifi modules are again improved versions which are now marketed through Purifi under the name Eigentakt.

If you search for Purifi or 1ET400 (the product code for the Eigentakt modules) you should be able to find them e.g. NORD THREE PURIFI 1ET400A POWER AMPLIFIER or AUDIOPHONICS LPA-S400ET Class D Stereo Amplifier Purifi.

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