New Naim Muso 2nd Gen DOA


I have just picked up a Naim Muso from my local dealer for my Mum, and it appears to be DOA. A very momentary blip of the red status indicator when power switched on, but after that, nothing… I have contacted my dealer who will contact Naim, but was just wondering if there are any known ways to resolve this, or if other folk have experienced this?

Yes, this happened to me on one of the units i had on the first generation Muso. As soon as i got it out of the box and powered it up the red LED came on, i was told by Naim when i came onto these forums that it had to go back. That red LED means it’s a poorly unit and has got to go back, i got a replacement sent out by John Lewis.

Naim have confirmed it is likely a faulty motherboard, dealer is trying to get a replacement from Naim ASAP.


It must be, yes. Really sorry to hear this. :slightly_frowning_face:

The journey via courier is a tough one and it could have been chucked about. 🙅

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