New Naim system, lots of noise

I had an LED turntable lamp that cause a really nasty hum in my system. I removed it and the hum disappeared.
Forum members are helping to eliminate anything obvious based on experiences like mine for example. The OP has said that Naim have stated that this isn’t normal.

I think partly we have to remember this is hi end HiFi gear. Once you go past a particular level, detail of your environment is everything, and we all know you can go a long way here - e.g. dedicated mains, special cables, sound insulation etc.

It would be the same with a hi-end vehicle, for example you might get away with a slightly wobbly steering on a Fiesta that never goes above 50, now if you have slightly wobbly steering on a 140mph Ferrari, your in big trouble.

As I recall from previous chats, the low-level hiss you get when the ear is up against the speaker occurs on all HiEnd Naim gear, which is a result of the particular amplifier output stage. Naim can easily design around this, but would suffer SQ as a result, which is not what Naim is about. So consider this, if you had a switch at the back that would turn off hiss, but reduce SQ, would you ever it.

Of course this doesn’t answer the OP’s issues, which sounds like it is beyond basic hiss.

My experience was strange, purchased a Naim NDX 2, when tried the Wi-Fi some months later discovered the unit had a problem, a bad board. Warranty claim 4 months waiting.

Purchased a pair of focal utopia and an unity atom he waiting for the ndx to arrive, a bad uniti atom he out of the box, again waiting for a new uniti atom he, this one was a month only.

The NDX 2 arrived scratched from repair, no one cared, have to pay for a repair more than 500 euros expected and the repair should be free, more 2 months waiting. Great Naim, really great, I am in horror now for future support of repairs.

I hope the SuperNait comes at least as expected and working without exploding, because if not I will not wait anymore, all Naim gear goes to the dealer to be sold back and no more Naim.

Naim is not an affordable brand, and things like this is not the what I expect in an high end brand. I expect to sound good, and it sounds but at a big cost and frustration.

I am now 6 months without my main streamer, the living room system stopped, and my confidence on the brand completely destroyed.

But still I will enjoy this system when arrives again if all is ok out of the box. Never had a so bad experience on repair and support from any other brand, that did not even assume the damage caused on the repair. The one that should not have to pay the damage was the user for sure.

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Are you saying Naim damaged your NDX2 and refused to sort it :scream:
Issues with my nDAC were sorted free of charge by Naim including replacing the logo that I hadn’t noticed was faulty.

Surely you can get your dealer to test any new equipment before you receive it.

Yes, I posted the photos on this forum.

In the last 5 or six years a purchased a lot of gear, If I understand focal is the same group, and I have acquired 17 speakers from focal, and a pair of focal utopia, all a great experience.

I have a few systems, call me addicted but I like this hobby. Also acquired other amplifier brands and dac;’s and streamers. Besides the pro iDSD that I recieved a defective unit, the other gear is all working perfectly like new and expected until today.

Naim only said it was not them and when shipped the unit was ok, but the unit had to be shipped to another country, so they did not assume the damage, nor the transport to repair the box. The only thing offered was a reduced cost on the repair.

It should be free, I sent it new, I expected to receive it new not scratched. The unit was reported to arrive as in pristine status to the factory, and came back scratched.

The board repair was a warrantee repair, this is not acceptable to me, but I did not want to have My NDX 2 scratched.

But the take in this, brought many gear in recent years, and no other brand I have hiss, noisy transformers, bad circuits, or any other than a dac that was exchanged by ifi free of any cost.

If this is the support of an High End , for me it needs some work, and better quality control on the manufacturing of a product.

As I say is a strange and depressing experience.

Edited to add: But sounds very good, I like the sound of Naim. The rest is realy a great maybe bad luck.

Yes, but they are separate companies. Porsche and Skoda are in a business group too.

Just for clarification - the NDX2 was posted from Naim directly to your house, was damaged on arrival and Naim refused to fix it?

A Ford dealer damaged the dashboard of my Sierra RS Cosworth whilst in for an ignition amplifier replacement. The service manager briefly tried to get out of it but I stood my ground and they had to repair it. The replacement ignition component is still working fine 27 years later. :slightly_smiling_face:

If no transformer hum I doubt DC on the mains is the problem.

Was gone to the dealer to verify the Wi-Fi issue, then sent by the dealer to Naim. Naim shipped to the dealer and then the dealer came to deliver the unit to my house.

And the unit presented scratched on the front and top, confirmed by the dealer that shipped the unit to Naim again.

The dealer always come personally to my house delivering the gear.

In this case it was up to the dealer to sort the repair as that is who your contract was with. Nice of them to bring damaged kit to your house though, were they on horseback? :cowboy_hat_face:

I have a very cordial relation to the dealer, and over the years they have been very kind.

By law in my country I could make a warranty claim of a new unit after 30 days in repair, but going this route I would damage my relation with them for something that is not their fault also, and they have been more than a simple dealer to me, very kind and professional, they have made I think what they could.

In respect to them over the years, I needed to wait the time needed. The world is in a strange reality at the present and the wait is difficult in my view but needs to take into account the difficulties of the present for all of us unfortunately, sad times.

Contacted Naim support by email, what they say is the unit was good on our side when out, so…

From Salisbury to Lisbon is a great distance, the box was closed when arrived, opened and…

The rest was already described above.

Found the images.

Everything we buy “should just bloody work.” Does everything you buy “just bloody work?” Not me.

And when something doesn’t bloody work, that’s when the great vendors are separated from the not-so-great ones.

Guys, as much as I appreciate people sharing their experiences this is in no way related to my issue. Please refrain from going off topic.


the point is if it doesnt work its faulty and should be replaced or fixed. People shouldnt have to be jumping through hoops reaching out to tech support etc…

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@MCnut (he says typing very carefully…). I suggest:

  1. Switch everything off.
  2. Disconnect everything.
  3. Make sure there’s a little bit of space between each piece of equipment (i.e. not piled onto of one another…but chi-chi hi-fi furniture is not needed).
  4. Re-connect it all with the supplied cables.
  5. Check for noises.
  6. If still there, tell dealer to fix it.
  7. If they can’t or won’t then return the amplifiers.

Naim stuff isn’t all that fussy…beyond a mechanical buzz or two and a gentle hiss thought the speakers it generally just works.

I agree with Martin M. Naim kit is very sensitive to noise. I had intermittent noise from a coffee maker in the kitchen. Frustrating as hell. I have found Naim customer service to be top notch though.

I dont say this has any relevance to the problems of the OP but I think in general both manufacturers and consumers need to take into account that more and more items in our homes kludges up the mains. Especially now with more and more energy-optimizing schemes. Even LED-lighting (which I was not aware about until a week ago).

If you are approaching an EUR 7.500 system in a modern home-environment perhaps one should budget for some kind of isolation (dc-blocking, earthing and noise-filtering and isolating every hifi-unit from each other including the TV and AppleTV). And no need to go crazy, well made screened mains cables are available for EUR 50-60.

And when I see these kind of stories pop up here then maybe it is also time for the good people at Naim (and I think they are good) to wake up and learn that in an internet world markets are conversations. Consumers talk to consumers. Consumers talk to manufacturers. To quote the old Cluetrain Manifesto no. 29: Elvis said it best - ”We can’t go on together with suspicious minds."

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Alright, this morning I literally disconnected the entire house by flipping every breaker except the one dedicated line that is feeding the preamp, amp and PS’s. Unfortunately, no change in noise. So at this point, either this noise is normal, there is an issue with the preamp/PS’s or for he last 12 years the power coming into my home has been filthy. Which I’m confident isn’t the case and I’ve had plenty of power conditioners and regenerators here that showed the incoming power was as ideal as you could ever imagine.

So, looks like its a call and visit to the Distributor.

On another note, neither my Dealer nor any other Dealer has any demo classic series on the floor. It would be an easy task to loan a new piece and swap it in. However, no one here has anything and they don’t plan on bringing any in. I was given an explanation as to why but that is for another thread.

So thank you to everyone who offered advice.

I also just tried a cheater power cord, meaning the ground pin is removed, and connected the system to my dedicated line as well as to my regular home powerline. To my surprise, no change in noise… so truly how important is the ground on these systems?

A proper ground is essential - even if just for safety sake.

Why don’t you just get the dealer to test it at their premises with your presence.:thinking: