New NAP 250 pop noise

I purchased the new 200 classic series trio from a local dealer and I love it.
There is a pop noise in the right channel when I turn on or off the system. The remote cable between the amp and 222 is connected.
I replaced the amp with the same conditions (NPX300,NSC222, cables and loudspeakers) and there is no pop noise when turning on or off the complete system, so maybe there is a problem with the NAP 250 right channel.
The sound is great in both channels when playing music, but the pop noise is present in the right channel when turned on or off. Is this normal in the new classic 200 series?

Helpful if you define what you are actually doing when you say turn off. At the mains or one of the two standby modes.
A pop isn’t heard on my NSC222 - NC250.
If you have optic cable connecting between pre and amp then no doubt you have NC250.
I don’t have an NPX 300 - isn’t there a second optic cable between NSC and NPX?
Do you hear a pop if you use the Naim i/cs which came with the units?
Switch off at mains, unplug and reconnect each and every connection to ensure they are fully engaged.
If that doesn’t address the issue, best refer to your dealer.

Thank you for your comments. When I say turned off I mean pressing the stand-by on/off button in the NSC222 front right side. The amp (NAP250) automatically turned on after the 222 is on. (Preamp-amp sequence). They are connected by the included remote cable.
It is strange the pop noise in the right channel. I did a test replacing the amp by a different one and there was no pop noise when pressing the NSC222 stand by button.

You are right. Is a NC250. Sorry for the confusion.

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I would discuss this with your dealer.

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Its a new item - so its your dealers problem.

Are you switching the Naim equipment on and off for each listening session?

The old advice was always to leave all Naim components switched on 24/7 (to use a phrase which I don’t like) - or at least to leave all source components, and the preamp, switched on, only turning the power amps on and off for listening sessions.

As I say, that was the (very strong) advice years ago. Has that advice changed, in these energy-saving consciousness times?

As to the ‘pop’ noise, I get this when my power amps come on, if the power has been cut for any reason. It doesn’t concern me at all, and I’ve grown used to it over 30-odd years.

Don’t the new NAP250 work more like the Unitis in terms of power function?

The New Classics have a standby function, which is what the OP is using.

Ah, right, thank you!

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