New NDX2 and system service

I’ve recently bought an NDX2 and decided to have my 15+ year old NAC252 and SNAXO 362 sent back to Naim for servicing and, an update to the 252 to allow for integrated volume control via the Naim app. (yet to be implemented as I don’t yet have a suitable cable)
I have to say, the system sounds better than ever, even from cold.
The NDX2 is a very sweet player whilst still having the fun factor and boogie.
My old faithful HDX is acting as a ripper/server only now, and is connected through a local switch.
However, I also have a Synology NAS drive running Asset (in a remote location at the other end of the house) and after a listening comparison to both (both set to transcode FLAC to WAV on the fly) I honestly cannot hear any difference between them.
I have also subscribed to the 90 day trial of Tidal and back-to-back listening suggests that I consistently prefer my own CD rips over the Tidal streams. They simply sound noticeably better so far.
I’m sure things will further improve as the NDX2, 252 and SNAXO burn in over the coming weeks.
The whole system comprises; Linn LP12 / Ittok / DV20X/ Lingo 1/ HDX and Synology/Asset servers, NDX2 / XPS2 / 252 Supercap / SNAXO 362 Supercap / 3 x 250 Olive / NACA5 / Naim NBL’s.
Much of the system is over 15 years old but, all amps and power supplies were serviced within the last 3 years and the 252 and SNAXO freshly serviced.
I have to say, I believe the sound stands up well to anything I’ve ever heard - which is both remarkable and, pleasing :slight_smile:


@Blythe great story, enjoy the music!

i love the mix of NDX and LP12 in my system, which for me is a perfect balance, I have heard NDX2 on demo on a number of occastions but not temped just yet for me LP12 is my main source

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