New Nick Cave Bad Seeds single

Album due August. The single is also streaming on Tidal, I assume other platforms too

Hmmm. His last three main studio albums are amongst my favourite ever music but this is…hmmm. Very much a Bad Seeds sound, Warren Ellis largely missing? Sounds like an outtake from Abbatoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus?

I will cross my fingers for the album. Or perhaps the next one.

Anyone else have a view?



Also very much has some Push the Sky Away vibe mixed in for me.

Been a fan since the release of Let Love In and I have to admit I appreciate this move back to some more familiar territory.

Agree with you that the last two Bad Seeds albums have been very good but I find them extraordinarily hard to listen to. Also considering what they represent and the emotions wrapped up in them.

I’m very much looking forward to this one.

Big fan but somewhat disappointing single

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Hoping it takes a few listens to reveal its quality! Backing choir at 3:10 a nice surprise. Seems to fall some where between his early edgy stuff and his later moody stuff.

I’m with you big fan but the last couple while being a beautiful thing they’re hard to listen to imo.

It’ll be nice to hear a bit of swagger in his voice.

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Just heard the new single and I think it is just great. Agree that it sounds like works from Abattoir/Orpheus/Sky era but not an outtake - really engaging and leading to terrific ending. Skeleton Tree/Ghosteen/Carnage were all brilliant and necessary but I don’t think, for many reasons, that he could continue that route for ever

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