New/old Nac 72 tips

Hi peeps

The Nac 72 arrived today to partner a 140 acquired a couple of months back…thus bringing to an end my 24 years of Nait 3 usage!

Hoping for a improvement in SQ, but I’m pretty sure neither of the shoe boxes have been seviced (to do list) and my Nait was 2 years ago so wouldn’t be surprised if they dont blow my socks off.

Are there any tips for getting the best out of the 72/140?..Im using a Rega P6 and Spotify through a Chromecast. The Rega will be going through the Fono MM stage as there are no phono boards on the 72.

Are there any boards that need taking out or putting for that matter!

Which is the best output on th 72 to connect the phono stage?

Any tips gratefully taken onboard.



The best investment would be a HiCap. The 72/Hicap/140 is a lovely combination. In my system I have a CB 250 72/Hicap and it’s all fed by a NDX2/XPS DR and it’s not embarrassed. The tuner imputs are perfect for the digital outputs from the NDX. Previously I used the Aux imputs from a Yamaha WXAD 10 to convert me to streaming. It was fantastic.


I think the combo is better even if not serviced. Take the 140 to service first, secondly buy a HiCap and third do a service on 72. Or do all togeher.
72/HiCap/140 will blow your socks off! Had 72/Hicap/250 for about 25 Years … wonderfull!

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Thanks for the replies guys…which input did you use for a turntable?


If you are using a phono stage…any of the line level inputs will do


Try the phono stage in Tape1. Select any input, it doesn’t matter which, but probably better not to select the input used for playing spotify. Turn the mute/normal/mon to mon.

This will allow you to listen to the tape input. At the same time, bypassing the selector switch contacts.

Phono Cards 323…

Yes. Im using the Rega Fono MM stage at the mo.

I would try the phono cards - you may be surprised…

Hi ricsima

Id be really really suprised cuz it dont got any!

Long term Im looking at using the onboard MC boards so one for later. No point in buying a unserviced MM board for 50 quid when I ve got a Fono already.


You can find them serviced, and you can also have them serviced.

Having had both the 72 with phono cards (serviced) and a Fono, I know what I’d choose. But yes, if you’ll move to MC, then that’s the right path

Remove the boards that you are not using as this will take power that it isn’t needed. There may be a slight improvement on SQ.

The output tape buffer boards (324) will not be needed if you are not recording.

Yep, but dont forget that you need at least a 2000£ interconnect between the Fono and the 72 if you want to maximise your vinyl addiction!
Don’t need interconnects with phono boards. :wink:

Congratulations. No tips. Just get it serviced and you will reach the Omega Point.

Agree - fantastic combo. recently had my 72/hicap serviced and the hicap slightly modded by Witch Hat and it made a huge difference to the clarity and ‘sparkle’. Like someone cleaning a slightly dirty window… Now running it all with a 250-2 and it’s wonderfully balanced. Many wiser than me will attest to the wonders of the 72. I really think to do much better you’d have to have a 282 + 2 HCs/SC . I toyed with an 282/82 but frankly would now only jump two levels to 252/52. Enjoy. But don’t wait to service them if you can.

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