New Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machines

New record cleaning machines from Pro-Ject. An upgraded aluminium cabinet for the refreshed VCS2, now badged the VC-S2 AUL and a smaller compact VC-E. Both look very promising indeed…

"The VC-S2 ALU (€499) picks up where the original VC-S left off but with a €50 upward price nudge, substantiated by a new aluminium chassis, reportedly for greater longevity than the original’s black-laminated MDF. And like the original VC-S, the VC-S2 ALU’s vacuum tube and record clamp are also made from aluminium. The waste tank’s capacity sits at 2.5L — Pro-Ject reckons you’ll never need to empty it.

Want a smaller and more affordable record cleaning appliance? The VC-E’s more compact price (€399) and diminutive aluminium chassis shrink the internal waste tank to 0.5L and swaps out the aluminium clamp for a plastic version. Crucially, the arm wand is aluminium.

A must for crate diggers!"

So, basically, they’ve tarted the case up a bit and bunged up the price. I think I’ll stick with my VC-S!

Looking at the website, the standard MDF plinth VC-S is still available, now as the intro model.

Agree. For current VC-S and Okki Nokki owners for that matter, upgrading would be pointless unless the machine in question is on its last legs, or if making the switch to an ultrasonic device.

Given the ALU models price increase it would have been great if some sort of automation had been incorporated - that’s a little disappointing. But, given there’s now a choice of models, I’d stump up the extra coin for the metal cabinet (either version). Certainly after witnessing how much damage water can do to MDF after we recently had minor water ingress into our garage, I’d opt for the ALU models.

It’s good that there’s now a choice.

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