New ProAc speakers

Opus, thanks for the reply!

I’ve always liked the dome. I heard the first gen ribbons and wasn’t impressed - sounded overly harsh. I am interested in the new kevlar material though.

The next range up on mine at the time were over double (D100) and didn’t see the benefit other than for very large rooms.

The mid-range and bass on the speaker has always been “sweet” and never overdone, especially with the help of the downward ported design.

OK the new stand is nicer but to be honest, I liked the old ProAc design - understated. I’m wondering if this is a step too far and pricing themselves out of the market.

Sure, if it sounds 36k better, I’d be interested, but I suspect, it probably doesn’t.

FWIW the Ribbon takes an extraordinarily Long time to break in like 500 hours, it’s because it’s made very tight so it won’t fail or vibrate incorrectly. Also the ribbon is very fussy about speaker cables. They don’t care for most solid core.

Are you speaking of the first generation ribbons like the Future 1’s

Haha yeah.

My favourite speaker I spent many hours listening (with my Dad) was the Linn Keltik - now they were some cool drivers. Probably the best speaker I had heard in 2005 for musicality. Yes, the Komri was in a different league but I felt it was more stale and lacked the enjoyment factor.

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What’s the turntable and amp?

I mean what’s the system driving the K10s in the pics?

I was hoping to hear some feedback on the new K6 Signatures, especially compared to the K6. These smaller models are a much better fit with our Naim systems and our rooms, than the K8 and K10 monsters.

Are newer ProAcs as musical as the older ones?

I had a pair of Response 2.5 in mahogany and they were probably the best speaker I’ve had; a pair of Response 2 in black being second. The new ones just seem awfully expensive - almost $10k USD for the K1 seems to border on the absurd (assuming seakayaker’s price conversion estimate is in the ballpark, and I think he is right on).

ProAc has numerous speakers that aren’t super expensive. Yes the K range is pricey, but it’s the top of their line. Just as Naim’s 500 series is mighty pricey too!

K6 Signature in Ebony would be my logical upgrade. 20k is a much better number. Would be a home demo though… they are still big speakers and probably the best fit for my 500. Same specs as D38 - Max 250 into 4 ohm too.

The turntable is a Michell Orbe and the amp a large Trilogy integrated. I didn’t recognise the small box (phono stage?) on the bottom shelf.

The K10 sounded really lovely and effortlessly unforced, like the Naim NBLs that we have in the family but even more capable.

I do really rather like the new K6 Signature though…

Best regards, BF

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree. I think the K6 Sig’s are fantastic.
Any idea on the height/depth of the K10s? From the pics they look >5’.

Any particular reason, or is it simply you prefer all the drivers to have the same design bezels (which I totally get, by the way)?

That said, I belong to the camp that prefers the grilles ‘on’, so it would be pretty immaterial were I ever to own these beauties (which is never going to happen in this life).

Looks a bit retro to me compared with the other driver surrounds. At that price I’d want an ‘invisible’ surround if that were possible.


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