New ProAc speakers

Has anyone come across details of the new additions to the K series? Apparently, in addition to the little 2 way K1, ProAc are launching a K10. All I’ve read is that it’s intended only for seriously high end sources and amplification. Given the K8 is £26,320 in standard finishes, that suggests the new one could easily be upwards of £35-40k. Serious stuff, that will forever be beyond my reach - let’s face it, I’d need to move house, as well as buy into S1 level kit.

Still, be fascinating to hear them, but having just been under the knife again for second hip replacement, and given that I detest hifi shows(!), I won’t be hearing them at Bristol, Munich or anywhere similar. I can’t imagine ProAc providing demo pairs for any other than seriously potential purchasers.

Be interested to hear if they are better than the Tablette 10 :joy:



Well, I doubt you will find it on the ProAc website - ever. Horrible, horrible website, last years Signature range is not even on it yet, as an example.


Their web site is the worst. And I am a huge ProAc fan!


You’ll note I made no mention of their website in my original post! I totally agree, it’s possibly the worst manufacturers’ website I’ve ever had the misfortune to visit!

All that said, I’m sure Stewart Tyler knows the company could do better, but would rather devote their efforts to tangible products rather than ephemeral marketing. I’d rather see the company do both, but if I had to make a choice, give me the quality speaker in my lounge!


Surely, they make enough money to pay a “kid” design them a better website, and then maintain it… And in fact, a decent website might contribute to better business…

Not necessarily a valid statement, most of the companies mentioned on this forum existed decades before the internet, they actually might not need it. Example, well Proac website, who cares about it, nevertheless people are so exited about the new K series… and all that with 0 articles online.


Saw the £995 price tag and thought that looks like a real bargain until I saw it was the price of the stands! I think I’ll stick with my Tab 10s for a bit longer


Do you know which one is the integrated to which the K10s are hooked in the pic above…?

Although still an awful lot of money (the K8 is way beyond my pocket), the £34k price tag is lower than I anticipated. Given my love of the ProAc sound I would very much like hear a pair, purely in the interests of research you understand! On the other hand, I might be better off sticking rigidly to my philosophy of never listening to anything which may engender dissatisfaction with current kit.

Since my arrival at ‘end game’ two years ago, I’ve felt no need whatsover to climb back on the upgrade tree. I think I’ll stick at reading of the exploits of others!

I heard this one :


I wasn’t blown away by it. It sounded a bit ‘boxy’ to me.

Do you know what the asking price was for the K1?

According to a show photo on Zoe Tyler-Mardle’s twitter stream, they appear to be ticketed at £5,995.

With the exchange rate that would be $7,777.52 in US dollars. Then there is always an uptick in pricing due to import and profit margins for distributor.

I doubt I would get the chance but would love to hear a pair especially against the D2R which is currently listed at $4600.00 at my local dealer.

Looking at the exchange rate the $4600.00 = £3545.73, and the list price in UK, I believe is £2795. So a 20% + uplift in pricing in the US the K1 looks like it would run $9,375.00.

I do love the ProAc sound… but that would be getting pretty pricey.

I have a pair of D38’s and that was north of 6k - 15 (very ish) years ago. I’m not sure on their new drivers and what they sound like. To me though, at that price range - they need to be very special.

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The ‘octagonal’ driver bezel is an aesthetic faux-pas imo.


@malla I had a pair of D30R. The ribbon tweeters are way better than the soft dome of the D2 I had previously

When you were using the D30R what amplifier were you using?

I notice you are using a SN 2 and was I using a pair of D2’s with my SN 2 previously and enjoyed them. I need to hear the D2R’s at some point.

@seakayaker. I used two; first an Ayon Spirit mk3 with KT 150’s and NOS Mullards. Later on a Devialet D200. Then I got sick and sold it all off :disappointed_relieved: if you listen to D2R let us know what you think. I like my current Dynaudio S40’s but I hear the sirens call of Ebony D2R’s