New Products?

Do we think we will see a new 272 type product in the new year?



A new version could be a commercial success, no?

Clare has been dropping hints that there will probably be one, but nobody knows when, in the current situation. In the existing 272 successor threads:

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I’ll say it again…We’re committed to the streaming pre-amp concept - Uniti Atom Headphone Edition being the latest example - but can’t discuss future products.

We couldn’t share our roadmap at the best of times, but in a world of continuing supply chain/component issues, it would be insanity…

(We launched Uniti Atom HE more than a year later than originally planned, and have struggled to meet the huge demand for it - if we had told you all about it in advance, it would have been even worse!)


Naim are just not going to share their new product plans - for pure commercial reasons.

So - 272 V2 or not - you just need to wait… Then wait some more… and more… :thinking:

Ah but then what? Ah… the bliss! :smiley_cat:

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Anticipation… is a wonderful thing… :expressionless:

Yes. As the saying goes “It’s better to travel hopefully than arrive.”

I am waiting too. Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Waiting that one day I will open my home door and find a big suitcase full of cash.

Yes. Bristol Show :+1:

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